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Uniswap (UNI) Price Prediction for 2021



Uniswap Price Prediction 2021

Uniswap is a project with impressive growth, that’s why the UNI token attracts the attention of enthusiasts and investors. In this article, we bring a selection of UNI price predictions for 2021 from different crypto enthusiasts from Twitter, Youtube, and other media.

Before going into these predictions and talking about the future of this token, let’s take a brief review of the project.

What Is Uniswap?

Created by Hayden Adams, a former mechanical engineer of Siemens. UniSwap is an automated decentralized blockchain-based platform (DEX), using open-source software, removes the need for intermediaries, and allows the exchange of tokens. It focuses on censorship resistance, security, and decentralization.

UNI–the native currency- debuted through an airdrop. In this airdrop, premature users of the platform received a free amount of UNI in their wallets. This helped decentralize the project.

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Why Is UNI Token Valuable?

UNI has performed well in the market after debuting. However, the question arises: What will the price of UNI be in 2021?

It is a fact that a push for more DeFi transactions will keep UNI’s value high, and being one of the leading exchange platforms, market capitalization will always bring more profit.

Apart from this, being a major driver for innovation and adoption in crypto attracts investors and partnerships.

These partnerships attract more looks to the platform with more users using the platforms for transactions.

Uniswap is also popular for the solutions it provides to the problems faced by some cryptocurrency tokens. One of these solutions is the elimination of total dependence on the large exchange platforms and guaranteeing anonymity.

Furthermore, UNI is the platform’s governance token, which gives holders the ability to vote on decisions that affect the project.

Price Predictions for UNI in 2021

Different influencers and investors have made their price prediction for UNI in 2021, many of them projected a record price before the end of the year.

The growth seen is not only on DeFi but all DApps. In the market, it is bullish with the potential of reaching a tripled value.

UNI Price Predictions on Twitter


Square Mile Dave, who defines himself in his profile as “AIM & Crypto Investor” is very optimistic about the project, and his price prediction up till summer is noteworthy.

The user tweeted saying: “UNI price prediction, my target $500 summer 2021.”


Another user, AfricanaCrypto a blockchain and crypto enthusiast tweeted: “UNI will be top 10 MC in 2021.

With this prediction, it positions UNI at the top 10 of the cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in 2021, something that it will surely be able to achieve without difficulty due to the interest of the community in the project.


This crypto investor from Twitter offers his prediction of several cryptocurrencies, placing uni at a value of $ 50 by the end of the year.

It should be noted that according to the account on his Twitter profile, this user wants to multiply the value of his portfolio x100, he has tweeted: “more 2021 Crypto Price Prediction. Post your prediction if you disagree. $XRP: 1.50, $CEL: $75, $UNI: 50.”


MukunBTC a crypto-enthusiast who regularly gives a price forecast on his Twitter, gave his prediction for the UNI price saying: “price prediction for 2021 $LINK -$150, $BAND-$150, $SNX $100 $UNI-$100.”

@experty_io a popular Twitter user with more than 20 thousand followers have this to say: “most believe that the Uniswap V3 protocol will appear between Q2 and Q3 2021. However, in the #UNI token utility-price ratio, opinions are very divided.”

Along with this comment about UNI, adds a link to a news item where different entrepreneurs, developers, traders, and other Blockchain Enthusiasts give their opinion on the future of UNI in 2021.

A highly recommended article for any follower of the project.


Crypto Skier a crypto lover and Twitter user tweeted about his opinion on UNI price prediction saying: “As we head into this next bull market. Some 2021 price predictions for coin’s I’m watching: $BTC -$165,000, $ETH -$17,600, $LINK -$12,700, $UNI-$466.”

Certainly one of the most optimistic predictions for UNI in 2021


Hardik Chavada, a cryptocurrency researcher and trader who is vocal about his researches tweeted: “My price prediction for Q4 2021: $ BTC-$150,000, ETH-$10,000, $DOT-250, $KSM-$1000, $RSR $5, $RUNE -100, $DAG -$5, $HNT -$15, $NOIA -$10, $LINK $700, $OCEAN $50, $XTZ $25, $ATOM $55, $HTR $10, $GRT $11, $REN -$15, $ZIL -$3, $SUSHI -$45, $RARI- $45, $KAI-$1, $50.

Among all its predictions we can see that it positions UNI with a value of $ 50 at the end of the year, a figure in which it coincides with that published in the tweet of @RandomPrecisio5


Twitter user Don Crypto, a crypto collector and invested, project the price value of Uni for summer. He tweeted: “my moderate targets for summer 2021 $BTC 70K, $ETH 5000, $LTC 1400, $KSM 190, $BNB 150, $LINK 60, $DOT 30, $FTT 20, $UNI 15.”

In response to his tweet, some users thought that his UNI price prediction of $15 for summer 2021 was falling short, coming up with values of $20 or even $100 as possible targets for the coin.

As we’ve seen, users who commented on higher prices made a more accurate forecast, as the $ 15 price set by Don Crypto was exceeded in early 2021.

UNI Price Predictions for 2021 on Youtube

Although these YouTube channels do not give an exact figure of their price prediction, they all agree on something, the path of the 2021 year for UNI has a direction and is bullish.

Altcoin Daily’s Price Forecast

Altcoin Daily, a cryptocurrency news media outlet on a Youtube channel commented on the prospects and future of UNI.

The 10 minutes video shows a forecast about UNI market trends, traders’ transactions, average daily trade among others.

UNI’s projection for 2021 according to Altcoin Daily is very positive.

Coin Trades

Coin Trades a Youtube channel considers Uniswap to be bullish during 2021. He provided charts on the explosion seen and the reason for the rise.

Uniswap prediction is to be on a bullish run, and it has the potential of withstanding setbacks in the market, according to the YouTuber.


Youtuber VosCoin commented on his experience investing in Uniswap and how he got a noticeable increase when the price value skyrocketed.

He talks about the future of Uniswap, explaining with facts the basis of the sharp increase in market trends; a future prediction using price charts.

Good Morning DeFi

This Youtube channel forecast a hike in the future price value of Uniswap. Explaining with charts and candlestick, prediction on UniSwap price – from both coin history and partnerships were factors considered.

“Yes UNISWAP best crypto for 2021. 100 dollars very possible. this year (all DeFigood)” says a user in the comments of the video.


Predictions of Different Websites About the Price of UNI in 2021


Walletinvestor, a cryptocurrency prediction site that uses artificial technology along with technical analysis, talked on UNI.

From their forecast, they predicted a future increase in the value of UniSwap.

Questions regarding the prediction forecast like “will Uniswap price grow?” was asked.

They replied with “Yes, the Uniswap price can go up from 13.568 USD to 20.988 USD in one year.”

And when the question on if a dip in price will occur, they replied with a “NO”, explaining that rather a future price of 57.689 USD will sell per coin.


Another cryptocurrency media news site CoinARBITRAGEBot analysts have this to say. Based on technical analysis, a projected value of $9.28872 will show for UniSwap in 2021.

However, although in their prediction they warranted a projected increase in price value in the coming years, it appears that the price increase has come sooner than they expected.

Gov. capital

Experts from, a forecast site that uses a deep-learning custom algorithm for predictions said UNI price will rise to $39.686 in five years.

They based their prediction on the accountability of factors variables like price changes, volume changes, similar coin, etc.

Digitalcoinprice’s UNI Price Forecast for 2021

However, analysts from Digitalcoinprice who based their predictions on Historical Data have this to say.

They projected that the lowest value of Uniswap in the coming years will be $57.32 with an all-time high of $70.

When asked if investment in Uniswap will be profitable, the answer was a ‘‘Yes’’ stating that a predicted hike in price will be beneficial to investors.



Coinmarketcap a crypto news site published an article on some future scenarios on Uniswap’s price prediction for 2021.

“Uniswap continues to keep up with the volume on a centralized exchange and stands to as much as $500 million in a year.”

Analysts at Coinmarketcap projected that the Uniswap volume of trades will be up to $500 million, and the price value of more than $10 before the year ending.

UNI seems to be surprising many with its value, its price is easily breaking the more modest forecasts.’s UNI Prediction

AK Crypto, a cryptocurrency writer for the site Cryptocurrency Price Prediction, projected a price list and what to expect from DeFi and UniSwap.

When asked if UNI was an excellent investment, he replied with yes, basing his facts on the steady growth seen in the market trend.

For 2021 his predictions for UNI are around a low of $ 19.39 and a high of $29.01

Somag News

At Somagnews, they make predictions for both UNI and Uniswap, and they say:

“UNI will own 1 billion supply and 60% of the supply will be distributed to community members. However, the UNI Token holder will be able to earn 0.05% of the token swap, but the liquidity provider rewards will be reduced to 0.25.”

its price estimate for UNI this 2021 stands at a modest 8.73 dollars per token.

Although this prediction was made only a few days before the end of 2020, its forecast was invalidated just weeks later with the rally that UNI made in early 2021.


Coinpedia, a cryptocurrency prediction site has this to say “General Price trend is bullish.”

When projecting about 2021, they propose users will notice significant developments in Uniswap; the coin might sell for $15.

Like the predictions of other analysts, Coinpedia has fallen short in its value for UNI this 2021, as we have seen this cryptocurrency has a long way to go.

The Future of UniSwap and UNI

Opinions and comments on new updates have put more emphasis on the future projection of UNI. And since launched, it has gained great height in both markets and popularity.

Most market analysts and economists commented on the growing positive value of UniSwap.

Users also project a high increase in the value of UNI, and although there are a wide variety of forecasts for its market value in the future; The UNI value continues to gain momentum.

In the end, according to the predictions set out in this article by different experts and enthusiasts. We can expect the UNI value for 2021 to reach a maximum of $100 and a minimum of $40.

A big rise if we compare it with the $ 4.6 with which 2020 closed.

The most ambitious predictions place UNI above $ 460 that would represent an increase of more than 10,000%

These analyzes are based on data, business averages, A. I algorithm and some are only enthusiast opinions, which may not be correct. So we must take them with caution.

Seeing the community’s interest in the project and the positive predictions from investors and influencers, Uniswap could be a great long-term investment.

Crypto enthusiast since 2016, learning every day about blockchain and the different projects that appear in the crypto-ecosystem. I write about cryptocurrencies because I want to help people get to know this exciting world.