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Top 7 Crypto Projects With Ridiculous Names



Top Crypto Projects with Funny Names

It’s never too serious in crypto, and you don’t even have to scour the surface for this fact to be blasted on your face. Just look at Dogecoin or SHIB. 

These are joke projects with market caps in the tens of billions. 

For all there is, folks are minting cash like never before, so much that some are even retiring earlier. 

It’s incredible, and events that appear so out of place yet so attractive you can’t let go. 

As if joke coins aren’t enough, some of them are ridiculously named. It could be to stay unique or extend the jest in crypto, and it doesn’t matter. 

Funny as these “special names” may sound, they command a strong position in the market and can’t be ignored.

Top Crypto Projects with Funny Names

If there is competition, which are these top seven crypto projects with funny names and tokens?

CumRocket (CUMMIES)

The CumRocket project, without a doubt, stays on top—quite literally.

The CumRocket, better known as CUMMIES, is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)—which as we know competes with Ethereum—and trades on the PancakeSwap—the largest DEX on the BSC.

CUMMIES are deflationary in nature, and their primary objective is to introduce the over $100 billion porn industry to web3. 

The creators of the CumRocket have an express goal: create a free, cheap payment system riding on the internet to facilitate easy fund transfer without chargebacks, restrictions, or overt discrimination.

Besides being a payment rail, they are also an NFT provider. This is a nifty avenue that allows content creators to monetize while also creating a more social and more interconnected space.

CumRocket has a market cap of $51.7 million and a daily trading volume of over $1 million, according to CoinMarketCap.

FuckToken (FUCK)

If you don’t give a fuck about anything, then you may consider buying a few FUCKs. FuckToken creators describe it as usable crypto karma operated by a secure, audited smart contract.

The project says it is a social platform utilizing cryptocurrencies and “aims to help everyone worldwide give a FUCK.”

And just when you have enough FUCKs, you can send funds using the token anywhere, anytime in a reliable base charging low fees. What’s more, when you don’t have any FUCKs to give out, you can burn them as the platform incorporates a burning mechanism.


The first question on this website asks how useless you are in crypto. Like, do you just ape on projects before doing your groundwork?

Crypto has made some super-rich and most, well, just hanging on. 

The Useless project builds a unique crypto ecosystem of dApps and smart contracts designed to maximize revenue generation. 

They embark on an external buy-back program, burns, and liquidity injection/extraction from funds generated. Central to Useless is the “Furnace” smart contract, which decides what to do with the accrued funds.

The project has a market cap of $30.2 million from a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 USELESS coins.


Sometimes, crypto can be unforgiving, resulting in losses for the gullible. This can be prevented by due diligence and avoiding rush investments. But what happens when the exchange or the government can help? This is where the SCAM token on the BSC comes through.

The project aims to protect users against crypto scams—out of experience since its developers are victims of scams. 

On their homepage, they lost millions to scams perpetrated through shit coins. SCAM is available for sale on PancakeSwap v2 and is a deflationary, frictionless farm token. Since it is deflationary, the token’s price is supported through a burning mechanism.

The project creators further add that the SCAM platform is an auditing portal using NFTs as a certificate.

Pussy Financial (PUSSY)

Pussy Financial is out to prove that a meme coin can anchor a community’s ideals. What’s different about Pussy Financial is its active community of “makers, memers, musicians, financial wizards, innovators, trolls and artists.” 

The builders of Pussy Financial even have a Spooky Farm and a tokenomics plan prioritizing burning to support the coin over the long haul. 

To support National Cat Day, Pussy Financial recently launched Farm V1.5, enabling users to receive PUSSY tokens by staking their assets. 

PUSSY has a market cap of over $17.7 million, available for trading in among other DEXes, Uniswap, and DODO.


LuckyPig is on the BSC. 

Their express objective is simple: Bring together exciting features of the old BSC to prevent dumps. 

Towards this end, they have their eyes set on bringing exciting concepts of NFTs and lottery together in a low tax regime. Presently, the team gifts token holders with free lotteries while also supporting yield farming and NFTs. 

For every transaction on the LuckyPig, the 10 percent fee will be distributed to marketing and development (five percent), Liquidity and Reflection—each two percent, and Lotteries—one percent. 

Funds channeled to development and marketing aim to build and organically grow the ecosystem, drawing more investors.

Eventually, the project aims to launch an online casino that will be powered by the LuckyPig token.

Dickcoin (DICK)

The Dickcoin platform is for the multi-billion porn industry with inspiration from Satoshi. The DICK token integrates interesting elements of DeFi and memes. Besides, since they are taking valuable lessons from Satoshi, the project didn’t allocate any tokens to the team. 

According to the project’s creators, DICK holders can stake and earn BTC while remaining completely community-driven and rug-proof. 

Dickcoin is owned by the broader porn community of stars, adult entertainers, charities, and the global community. One percent of fees generated from transactions are donated to charities, while another one percent is for marketing. 

Interestingly, the creators of DICK have measured to prevent centralization. There is a cap on the maximum number of tokens a single wallet can hold capped at 0.2 percent of the total supply. 

DICK has a market cap of $2.3 million with a total supply of 21,000,000,000,000,000 DICK.


Crypto represents the community, and all projects are geared at serving the rapidly growing global community. 

While some of these projects have ridiculous names, they have an active community and decent trading volumes suggesting utility. 

Projects like CumRocket and Dickcoin serve the porn industry, for instance. At the same time, Useless is functional with a unique design to support prices, while SCAM can help users protect themselves against crypto scams.

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