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Tellor (TRB) Price Prediction for 2021



TRB Price Prediction 2021

The enormous growth of the Defi sector has seen oracles like Tellor experience remarkable growth. Tellor is a decentralized oracle whose main mission is to provide a secure solution for those who need to send data outside the value chain in your smart contracts, creating trustless access to off-chain information.

That is why in this article we bring you a list of price predictions for Tellor in 2021, made by influencers in the sector. We are sure that this project will have something to talk about this year.

What is Tellor?

Tellor is a decentralized and secure oracle for bringing high-value off-chain data into the Ethereum network. Is a project Ethereum based for Defi dApps.

It is a straightforward, implementable solution through which Defi dApps can receive high-value data for smart contracts.

The system uses a network of staked miners that compete to handle a proof of work (PoW) problem to submit the official value for requested Defi data.

The 5 fastest Tellor miners who provide the requested data are rewarded with TRB.


History of Tellor

Brenda Loya is the CEO and co-founder of Tellor. She is an Ethereum developer and creates Tellor with Michael Zemrose in 2018.

Before she created Tellor, she was the lead developer and VP of Daxia before working as an economist in the US government.

Also, Zemrose, the co-founder, describes himself as an expert in developing, executing, sustaining, and communicating strategic initiatives.

He was also the former chief strategy officer at Daxia. Nicholas Fett, who is presently designing and developing a system for off-chain data access and validation on Ethereum, is the CTO of the platform.

The project team did not carry an ICO; instead, they opted for a developer sharing method, in which a portion of the block rewards goes to the treasury of the founding team in order to finance the team’s efforts.

TRB Price Predictions for 2021

There are different ways to predict the price of TRB for 2021. Using support/resistance, trend lines, moving averages, and trading indicators like RSI can estimate an asset’s price prediction for one or more years.

Fundamental analysis should also be part of the study when predicting the price of the indicator for the year.

Additionally, the innovations from the Tellor team, partnerships with other platforms, and project progress in the coming months may also influence Tellor’s price for 2021.

On August 29, 2020, the coin, which reached an all-time high of $ 89.66, saw the price drop below $ 20 a few months later.

Since then, the price has been fluctuating. We have decided to look at the various market predictions for the coin for the year 2021 from both the prediction websites and the individual forecasts.

The TRB Price Forecasts for 2021 on The Top Crypto Prediction Websites


We have taken our time to bring up the various TRB price predictions for the year 2021. Before making a decision on whether to invest in the coin or not, you should do your own research for information.


When it comes to crypto price prediction, Tradingbeasts is one of the top price prediction websites.

Although the crypto market is highly volatile coupled with other security challenges, analysts at the platform have dropped their Tellor price prediction for the year 2021.

the platform analysis, the TRB will trade at an average price of $ 25,993, with the price going as high as $ 32,491 or as low as $ 22,094.

Seeing the price evolution of the project in the first months of the year, this prediction could stay a bit low, but we will have to wait until the end of the year to see the result.


Experts at Walletinvestor thinks that TRB is a superb long term 1-year investment. Walletinvestor is known for predicting the future price of various coins. The platform has predicted the Tellor price for the year.

From the platform analysis, the experts at the site see the coin having an average price of $52.692 with a minimum of $40.169 and a maximum of $65.193 by the end of 2021.


The analyst at Digitalcoinprice, who specializes in crypto forecasting, has revealed their TRB price prediction for 2021. According to their forecast, the digital coin will have a bullish run this year.

Their prediction was based on the historical price data of the coin. From their prediction, Tellor will have an average price of $48.12 in 2021.


The Coinarbitragebot Tellor price prediction shows a bullish run within the year. The top platform gives the green light to the investors of the digital currency.

The website, which based its prediction on the TRB historical price data, thinks that the coin’s price will reach $32.93 at the end of 2021.


Tellor coin has seen a massive improvement since its launch., another price prediction platform, has released their TRB price prediction for the year.

The site, based its forecast on a custom algorithm, which is based on deep learning that helps users to decide if TRB could be a good investment in the future.

The site considers so many variables in their prediction, such as volume changes, price changes, market cycles, similar coins. From their forecast, the Tellor price will reach $106.06 in 2021.

A much more optimistic value than the analysts we have seen so far.


This is another crypto price prediction website. The website based its prediction on the historical price data. The experts on the website are expecting that the price rally of 2020 will continue.

The Cryptocurrencypriceprediction forecast expects the TRB to reach $57.31 by the end of 2021. In summary, the website thinks that the coin’s price will remain stable in the coming years.

Tellor (TRB) Price Prediction on Twitter

Having given you the Tellor price forecast from the various prediction platforms, it is imperative that we give you individual forecasts. In other to expand your knowledge on the coin, we have decided to drop some Twitter predictions.

While going through the predictions, we have chosen the most interesting ones that caught our attention.


One of the tweets that caught our attention was from Bitcoin Barry, a crypto enthusiast who has dropped his Tellor price prediction for the year. From his prediction, the Tellor price will reach $285 before the end of the year.

His prediction was not only on TRB; he also forecasted on other coins. “My NEW COIN #crypto price predictions/updates EOY 2021: $RSR *$7.50, $EGLD $650, $ALBT $33, $BONDLY $3.25, $AAVE $550, $AVAX $42 , $TRB $285…”


A user with the name “Bitcoin & Spirits” asked his followers to vote on the TRB price prediction for the year. In his tweet, he highlighted four price variations which is; $20 – 90, $90-200, $200-500 and $500 – 1000.

From the voting’s so far, the majority thinks that the price will reach between $20 – $90. 

You can follow the voting here:


This is another tweet that caught our attention. In the tweet, the user didn’t just post his TRB price prediction for 2021; he also went ahead to ask his followers to post their predictions if they disagree.

According to him, the TRB price will reach $300 before the end of the year. “My 2021 Price Predictions. Post your predictions if you disagree $BTC: $175,000 $ETH: $5,000 $KSM: $1,000 $LINK: $80 $XRT: $400 $KTON: $1500 $PCX: $50 $TRB: $300

You can check the rest of his prediction below and the responses he got from his followers:


The user predicted the price of various coins for the year. In his post, he believes that TRB will have a bull run in the year, with the price reaching as high as $354 before the end of the year“A little bit of opium !! Price prediction bull run! BTC = 178 300$ ETH = 5600$ LTC = 880$ TOMO = 21$ QNT = 200$ LTO = 1.6$ VIDT = 11.8$ TRB = 354$”


Feras_Y, a senior engineer and a crypto trader with nine (9) years of experience, has dropped his TRB price prediction for the year.

From his tweet, he thinks that TRB will reach $75 before the end of the first quarter of 2021. “$TRB to 75$ in 2021 Q1  Current price: 31-32$, Will get back to you soon😎”

Tellor 2021 Price Prediction on YouTube

To ensure more clarity on the TRB token price, we have also gone to YouTube to look out for the various TRB price prediction for 2021.

Crypto Millionaire Academy

A crypto YouTube channel called Crypto Millionaire Academy has released its TRB price prediction for 2021.

According to the forecast in their YouTube channel, they predict that the TRB price will reach $111.41 by the end of 2021.

Final thought

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and difficult to predict in the long term. Therefore, it is crucial to research Tellor’s historical price data and fundamentals before deciding to invest any amount of money.

Looking at the predictions for 2021, you can see that most of the collected opinions on TRB show that the cryptocurrency will have a bull run in the year 2021.

According to the forecasts of these influencers, the minimum expected price will be $20 while the maximum will be more than $300.

It is curious to see how Twitter users are more generous in their predictions and we can see that the figure of $300 is repeated on several occasions, the prediction websites are more conservative, coinciding mostly with a price above $50

At the end of the year, we will see who has made the correct prediction.


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