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Swipe (SXP) Price Prediction for 2021



Swipe Price Prediction 2021

The ongoing crypto bull run makes investors very eager to invest in digital assets. However, it seems like Bitcoin might finally be losing some momentum, so many people choose to look for promising altcoins to purchase instead. One of the tokens that have been gaining the attention of blockchain enthusiasts recently has been Swipe (SXP). Due to its important real-life use case and strong technologic fundamentals, the crypto community is full of bullish SXP price predictions.

From this article, you will learn all the information necessary to make a decision whether Swipe is worth investing in or not. You will discover what is Swipe and what it can be used for, and you will get to know what the experts and analysts have to say about the future of the SXP price.

What is Swipe?

Swipe is a multi-functional blockchain-based platform that combines three main components: the Swipe multi-currency mobile wallet, the Swipe crypto debit card, and the Swipe token (SXP) which powers both the wallet and the debit card.

While many altcoin tokens launched recently are quite hermetic and focus only on the crypto ecosystem, the Swipe platform was designed with a different vision in mind. Simply put, Swipe is intended to spread the adoption of blockchain technology and bridge the worlds of crypto and traditional fiat money. In order to do that, Swipe provides the users with solutions focused on making it easy to buy crypto with fiat and to use crypto to make everyday payments in real life.

The main and most important component of the Swipe platform is the Swipe multi-currency wallet. The Swipe wallet has a very significant advantage over almost all of the other popular crypto wallets on the market. Instead of only supporting digital assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, the Swipe wallet also allows the users to hold fiat money. The convenience of using both crypto and fiat currencies in the same app is unparalleled and is one of the main reasons for the rapid growth of Swipe over the past few months.

The second component of the Swipe ecosystem is the Swipe crypto debit card. Users of the Swipe multi-currency mobile wallet are eligible to get a debit card which can be pre-loaded with any of the cryptocurrencies supported in the Swipe wallet. The Swipe crypto debit card is a very useful tool for all crypto enthusiasts because it allows Swipe users to easily make everyday payments with cryptocurrencies at any place where ordinary VISA cards are accepted.

The entire Swipe ecosystem, including the mobile wallet and the debit card, is powered by the Swipe token (SXP). Aside from preloading the Swipe crypto debit card and paying the transaction fees in the Swipe multi-asset wallet, the SXP token has many other uses. For example, SXP holders can enjoy many attractive discounts and rewards.

The Current Situation on the Swipe Market

Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE) have already greatly benefitted from the current crypto bull run. However, Swipe is not one of these coins. Although the SXP price has more than doubled since the beginning of the year, compared to other altcoins Swipe has still a lot of room to grow and the SXP price may erupt at any time.

It’s worth noting that Swipe is still so undervalued because it hasn’t reached the top 100 list of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization yet, which may happen very soon. Combined with the fact that Swipe is one of the crypto projects with the most significant real-life functionality, it’s no wonder that most crypto analysts share very bullish Swipe price predictions for 2021.

Swipe Price Forecast 2021 According to the Experts

Although almost all predictions regarding Swipe are bullish, due to the high volatility of the crypto market, the forecasts made by professionals vary greatly when it comes to exact numbers.

One of the most realistic and down-to-earth SXP price predictions was published by the crypto website The CoinPedia researchers combined many different data sources, such as the technical and fundamental analysis, and came up with the SXP target price range of $3.5 and $6, adding that they believe $5 to be the most realistic SXP price prediction for 2021.

A very similar number was mentioned by the investing portal Gov.Capital. The website, which uses automated algorithms to calculate the possible future price of an asset, states that the realistic SXP price forecast for the end of the year is $4.02.

The portal, which also uses automated price calculations, shows a little lower price prediction of $3.43. However, it’s worth noting that the websites providing automated forecasts always display prices that are quite low, since they don’t take the situation on the market and technological fundamentals into consideration. Because of that, the $3-$4 range predicted by these websites is likely the lowest possible SXP price level for the end of the year, and Swipe is likely to grow much more than that.

Bullish SXP Price Predictions for 2021 Say Swipe Will Be Worth $10 or More

The $5 level mentioned before should be treated as the minimum expected price target for Swipe to reach in 2021. A large number of analysts and researchers share a more bullish sentiment, and they believe that the SXP price can appreciate much more by the end of the year.

Popular Twitter analyst Andy Dufresne is one of the most outspoken SXP bulls. Dufresne gives $10 as his Swipe price prediction for 2021:

However, other Twitter users are even more optimistic. Some predictions posted by Twitter analysts say that the SXP price will reach $25 or $30 by the end of the year:

A similar Swipe price prediction for 2021 was shared by the popular crypto Youtuber Crypto Ellis. To come up with his forecast, the researcher used a method based on comparing the current SXP market cap with the market cap of some of Swipe’s competitors. In that way, Crypto Ellis was able to deduce how much more room for growth Swipe has, which resulted in a $20-$40 range SXP price prediction.

Will SXP Price Hit $10 by the End of 2021?

The price of Swipe keeps increasing, and it’s not far away from reaching $10. If the current crypto bull run continues, it’s very possible that SXP price will hit $10 by the end of 2021.


Swipe is definitely one of the most promising crypto projects to invest in. Unlike many other projects, Swipe is a platform that solves real problems and which actually helps spread blockchain adoption by making it much easier for people to use cryptocurrencies in everyday situations. Unique solutions such as the Swipe wallet supporting both crypto and fiat and the Swipe crypto debit card are the main reason for the continuous expansion of the project.

Since Swipe is still largely undervalued as it hasn’t entered the list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, it’s hard to precisely predict the future SXP price. However, if we average the most grounded and realistic forecasts made by the experts, $10 looks like a very likely Swipe price prediction for 2021.

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