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Is SuperFarm a Good Investment?



SuperFarm Good Investment

SuperFarm allows users to convert their NFT tokens into farms without code. The platform is the first of its kind cross-chain protocol that follows a set of personalized guidelines to reward user behaviors. This allows community users such as liquidity providers, stakers, and other users to benefit from Defi and reap profit from their NFTs.

The team chose Ethereum Network as their blockchain of choice, therefore requiring users to have ERC-20 tokens before gaining access to yield farms. While the platform has offered a plan to build a trading platform and an NFT marketplace; the team is yet to establish a definite roadmap as to the exact dates of launch. Meanwhile, note that SuperFarms targets to onboard the first one billion users of crypto and offer them a convenience crypto-crypto and NFT farming.

In fact, the protocol is building its NFT to remain usable across the gaming community. According to Statista, over 2.6 billion mainstream gamers will benefit from in-video game tokens. For this reason, the adoption of the protocols native incentive SUPER is going to rise at an explosive rate.

Lots of cryptocurrency investors are curious if SUPER is a good investment. We’ll try to provide the answer in this article.

What is SuperFarm?

In September 2021, SuperFarm published a roadmap in which they outlined three important phases in the growth of the protocol’s ecosystem. The first one was the Launch, then the Ascension, and finally the Orbit. In the first phase, according to the roadmap, only those users with SUPER tokens could take part in the governance of the protocol. These would continue for 12 months, until which the development had the opportunity to either accept or reject the proposals given by token holders.

In the next phase, the ascension, the community would select a governing council through a DAO-model election. Plus, proposals that members voted on in the first phase would fall under keen scrutiny. And those that gain approval would fall into the implementation under the third and final stage, the Orbit.

Through state-of-the-art decentralized applications, users will be able to access and contribute to a world of possibilities through NFTs and Defi. The main participants will be creators, traders, and collectors. Important features include an NFT launchpad, an NFT trading tool, a marketplace, and an NFT generation studio.

Protocol users will launch limited-edition non-fungible tokens, reap token rewards through staking through NFT farming, create and deploy their own non-fungible tokens. Finally, the users will have a platform to either sell or buy more NFTs. Besides, the protocol is planning to allow token swaps among collectors through a new feature they will unveil later this year.

The CEO of the SuperFarm protocol is the founder of Elliot Trade, Elliot Wainman.

Elliot Trade is a digital assets trading platform that prides itself on a high-performance premium ecosystem. Elliot’s specified on his Linkedin profile that he lives in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there is little to no information about the rest of SuperFarm’s development team.

SuperFarm is a Good Investment, Why?

You don’t have to be tech-savvy for you to build and deploy a nonfungible token on Superfarm. The NFT launchpad is codeless and allows you to build NFTs through drag and drop features.

The question is SuperFarm (SUPER) is a good investment can neither be answered with a yes or no. This is because any profitable investment depends on your goals and your investment portfolio. However, you should note that majority of virtual assets trade in the direction of Bitcoin.

The crypto-verse seems to have a healthy feature given the increasing usage of NFTs, Defi, metaverse, and blockchain gaming. Adoption of the coin will certainly go up and drive the price of tokens such as SUPER to fresh heights.

Meanwhile, it is essential for any investor to conduct their own research before investing in any digital asset. Mainly because we cannot term a price prediction like this one as financial advice. Nonetheless, we find SuperFarm protocol a great project with an ideal use case. The utility should be the first checklist when choosing the right virtual asset for investment.

Second focus on the team and finally the quality of the whitepaper. Unfortunately, SuperFarm is yet to publish a white paper but you can still access more information from its official website.

“SuperFarm targets the gaming industry and promises to provide a solution to the innovator’s dilemma”

The gaming industry is hesitant to adopt new blockchain innovation and hence faces the effect of the Innovator’s dilemma; which argues that a market entrant will slice a share of the least profitable business from market incumbents. This share could be important for incumbents to worry about but still too small for them to invest money and dominate it. Such is blockchain gaming as of now.

Decentralization is allowing gamers to trade in-game assets among themselves; therefore undercutting the role of the big gaming studios. On the other hand, the big studios are not willing to practically experiment with decentralization, mainly because asset ownership introduces a big threat to one of their revenue streams.

For blockchain gaming to thrive, projects such as SuperFarm are working hard behind the scenes to break past this classical innovator’s dilemma. Gamers can now gain access to limited edition in-game video assets, use them and trade them on a brand new exciting NFTs marketplace.

The SuperFarm token SUPER will run on the ecosystem as an incentive for meeting transaction costs, fees, executing purchases, protocol governance, staking rewards, and nonfungible token farming.

SuperFarm on Coinmarketcap

Source: Coin Market Cap

Already SuperFarm has a market circulation supply of one billion tokens. The platform has reserved 25% of these tokens for staking and reserved an additional 10% for the founders and platform advisors. SuperFarm’s total market cap stands at $385,569,985 with a press time price of $0.9546.

Features of SuperFarm (SUPER) Token

SUPER is going to power the SuperFarm cross-chain protocol and introduce a set of decentralization features:

  • Governance – By holding SUPER tokens, platform users can make proposals, vote for new improvements and product updates as well as to attain the full scope of decentralized autonomous organizations or DAO.
  • Purchasing power – Platform users can use the SUPER token to make purchases on the SuperFarm marketplace, meet fees for minting NFTs as well as enable users to have access to certain features of the protocol.
  • Fees and costs – SUPER is the main incentive of the SuperFarm platform. Users pay transactions costs for using the protocol through their SUPER tokens.
  • NFT farming – By staking your SUPER token holdings, you can reap exclusive rewards from the platform.
  • Get platform airdrop rewards – You will gain exclusive access to some of SuperFarm’s most rewarding airdrops if you hold SUPER tokens.

SuperFarm (SUPER) Price Predictions

According to Digital Coin Price, SUPER will rise in the future (2022 – 2030). The chart below shows that the altcoin is going to hit $1.57 by 2023 and $5.71 by 2030.

SuperFarm price prediction chart 2022-2030

Source: Digital Coin Price

In his ‘Is it the Best Time to Buy SUPER?’ YouTube video, technical analyst Crypto Ops says SUPER price will rise in the coming days. He attributes his prediction to the increasing number of investors rushing to support the crypto. Besides, he mentions that more exchanges are starting to support the token and listing it for trading.

Conclusion: Should you Buy SuperFarm (SUPER)?

SuperFarm is a good investment with its use cases disrupting gaming, NFTs, and Defi. The potential of the coin is unlimited and the fact that it’s still attracting support from the big names;  is enough to guarantee that SuperFarm is a good investment.

SuperFarm is an excellent investment that you can use to create and deploy next-generation non-fungible tokens. The protocol is also a cross-chain, and therefore supports interoperability and compatibility with the metaverse and other Defi chains. As a result of such features, the platform will keep growing in the future and could even control the blockchain gaming industry.

However, remember to conduct your own research and find out more about Defi platforms, cross chains, and NFTs. Take this as a guide but not as any plausible financial advice. Take your time to learn about the development team, blockchain technology stack, and utility; all of which are features that influence the direction of a decentralized project.

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