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RUNE Price Prediction for 2021



RUNE Price Prediction

As the popular saying in the crypto community goes, “spring is the alt season”. Now that the Bitcoin bull run seems to have stabilised a bit, a large number of blockchain investors is turning towards the altcoin market in order to maximize profits. And when it comes to promising altcoins, RUNE price predictions for 2021 are looking especially good.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know before making an informed decision about investing in RUNE. You will learn what is RUNE and how it works, and you will get to know the RUNE price forecasts made by the experts.

What is RUNE?

RUNE is the token powering up THORChain: a decentralized liquidity protocol that enables crypto traders and investors to effortlessly exchange digital currencies between different blockchains. Essentially, THORChain is a bit similar to DEXs (decentralized exchanges) such as Uniswap. However, while Uniswap is strictly limited to the Ethereum network, THORChain makes it easy to send assets between different networks.

The RUNE infrastructure powering THORChain is very complex and includes a large array of innovative and original solutions making crypto transactions more efficient and secure, such as the Bifröst Signer Module, on-way state pegs, and the TSS protocol. However, ordinary users do not have to waste time on technological specifications: the entire platform is designed to be maximally easy to use so that the people using it don’t need to have any technical knowledge whatsoever.

The RUNE token not only powers THORChain, but also has some advanced functions. It serves as the governance token of the THORChain platform and also helps to improve its security serving as a Sybil defense mechanism, preventing nodes with less than 1 million RUNE from modifying the consensus process of the THORChain network.

One of the most impressive features of the THORChain protocol is the fact that the platform is fully decentralized, and isn’t profit-oriented. The entirety of the fees generated on the platform goes directly to the RUNE holders. There are no special incentives for the THORChain developers, as everyone is rewarded equally just for holding RUNE.

RUNE Price Forecast for 2021: $10 Seems Almost Certain

It’s already safe to say that RUNE has been one of the most successful crypto projects in 2021 so far. The THORChain mainnet was launched in January 2021, and in just a couple of months, RUNE has already become one of the top 50 cryptocurrencies in the world by market capitalization.

Automated price forecast platforms are known for usually providing lowered predictions. However, RUNE has been growing at such a tremendously rapid rate that even these automated websites came up with very bullish RUNE price forecasts.

One of the most popular forecast websites,, shows that based on the current performance RUNE is almost certain to reach $11.05 by the end of 2021. It’s also worth noting the platform’s 5-year forecast: according to WalletInvestor, the RUNE price can even reach an astonishing level of almost $40 in 5 years!

Another automated forecast platform,, provides even more optimistic data. The website makes a RUNE price prediction for 2021 claiming that RUNE can even reach $16.00 before the year ends.

The single website which states a lower prediction is, which gives an $8.5 RUNE price forecast for 2021. If we average all the data on the automated price forecast websites, $10 seems like the absolute minimum RUNE will be at by the end of the year.

RUNE Investors Are Very Bullish

RUNE is one of the few tokens for which the data provided by automated forecast algorithms is almost the same as the subjective predictions made by the crypto community. Most of the social media commentators seem to agree with $10 being a realistic goal for the RUNE price to achieve in 2021.

Twitter analyst Gaurav Tripathi makes a reasonable $8-$15 RUNE price prediction for 2021. However, it’s worth noting that the $8 level seems way too cautious, and the the higher end of this range looks way more probable:

A survey made by the Twitter user Bullish Trader confirms that a large number of the community members consider $10 to be the most realistic RUNE price forecast for 2021. A smaller number of people believe that RUNE will reach $15 or $20 by the end of the year, while a lot of Twitter users simply think that RUNE will “moon” without settling on a precise prediction:

RUNE Price Predictions for 2021 According to the Analysts

One technical analyst who shares the $10 RUNE price forecast is the Youtuber going by the name The Wolf of Trading. However, according to his analysis, RUNE may reach the $10 level much sooner than people think, which would potentially make way for RUNE testing much higher price ranges at the end of the year:

Some renowned blockchain analysts believe that the RUNE price can soon erupt and greatly surpass the moderate $10 predictions mentioned before. Outspoken RUNE bulls include BitBoy Crypto, one of the most popular crypto Youtubers, who believe that there are valid reasons to believe that RUNE will reach $25 “at some point in 2021”:

Finally, one of the most optimistic predictions was stated by the Youtube analyst TopCoin. Based on the comparison between the current price performance and the potential total market cap that RUNE can achieve, TopCoin believes an incredible $80 price level is achievable for RUNE by the end of the year.

Can RUNE reach $50?

RUNE has been one of the best-performing digital currencies so far. If the current trend continues, it’s very likely that RUNE price will keep increasing and that RUNE will reach $50 in the foreseeable future.


The RUNE price growth has been incredible so far. The token powering THORChain has definitely proven to be among the most profitable crypto investments in 2021. RUNE is one of the tokens for which the phrase “sky’s the limit” actually seems true – nobody can be 100% sure how high can RUNE go, which is why the RUNE price predictions for 2021 differ from $8 to even $80.

However, if we sum up all the different predictions and try to average them, the $10 RUNE price forecast popular in the community might seem a bit too bearish. If we take all factors into consideration, $15 looks like a realistic goal, and if the bull market continues, $20 looks fully achievable for RUNE as well.

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