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Quantstamp (QSP) Price Prediction for 2021



Quantstamp Price Prediction 2021

Quantstamp is a project that is developing a security auditing protocol for smart contracts. It is one of the projects that is gaining traction in the cryptocurrency space. In this Quantstamp price prediction for 2021 article, we will look into the market opinions about the project and what individuals have to say concerning the QSP.

Since the launch, Quantstamp has been developing its own protocol and has so far completed several high-profile blockchain-based audits. Although the project was entangled in a dispute last year when it wanted to use its QSP token for audits, but that has not stopped the project development. The token didn’t benefit much from the cryptocurrency surge at the beginning of the year. It started the year with an average price of $0.02.

Before we look into the QSP price prediction for 2021, let us know what the project is all about, the token’s usage, and the team behind it. Also, we have not just looked into these predictions; we have gone deep to analyze them to give you a clear understanding and aid your investment decisions on the token. Let’s get started.

What is Quantstamp?

Quantstamp is a Blockchain-based security auditing protocol for smart contracts designed to detect any potential vulnerabilities. It is based on the Ethereum network.

The ETH network has proven over and over again to be reliable with its robust security. Even at that, there is also a likelihood of apps and smart contracts in the ETH having bugs in which malicious players can create problems in the network. One such example is the $55 million DAO hack.

These are the issues that Quantstamp has come to solve. The QST is adding more security to smart contracts through its automated software testing and a system of bug bounties.

The team is building the protocol to be available on any DApp platform in the long run. With the ongoing concerns over security in cryptocurrency, QSP should strengthen the blockchain project’s security and ensure that large-scale smart contract hack issues are gone.


What is QSP?

QSP is the native governance token for Quantstamp. It is an ERC-20 token used to verify smart contracts on the decentralized QSP security protocol.

Also, users of the protocol can purchase automated scans of smart contracts using the QSP token. Validators can also earn QSP for helping provide decentralized security scans on the network at protocol.

History of Quantstamp?

Richard Ma is the founder of Quantstamp and the current CEO of the project. Other notable individuals in the project team are Steven Stewart, the CTO of the platform, and Olga V Mack, the VP of strategy.

Both the CEO and CTO have years of experience working with IT and fintech firms, with Ma being a software engineer at Tower Software while Stewart was the founder of Many Trees, Inc start-up.

The ICO of the project was launched in 2017 with over $30 million raised in seed capital. They distributed 650 million (65%) out of the 1 billion total supply to the ICO participants at a price of $0.07 per token.

The team’s goal is to improve the security of smart contracts by running a verification of solidity programs and placing bounties on errors on smart contracts.

Quantstamp Price Prediction for 2021

The QSP provides a new security protocol that will remarkably speed up the verification process, which is sorely needed. With the growth of Blockchain, there is a need to verify its reliability. And to do that, you need to audit them.

Typically, it is done by hiring a programmer to check the codes. But with the declining number of auditors and the slow work process, there is the need for Quantstamp and its bounty-based audit protocol. The problem the QSP seeks to solve is drawing attention to the network.

Various websites and individuals see potential in the QSP and have so far made their Quantstamp price prediction for 2021. We will be looking into the opinions of the crypto prediction websites.

In terms of the forecasts, most of these websites use their in-house algorithm, historical price, or the various development in the network to make their QSP forecasts for this year.

Let us look at them.


Tradingbeasts is one of the websites that sees a future in Quantstamp in the year. In their estimate, they agree that the QSP value will rise but not within a year.

They see the coin’s price stay at a maximum price of $0.07 with a minimum price of $0.04 and the average price of $0.05 in the year. The website did not highlight whether any investment in the token will be profitable or not in the year.

Considering the past price chart of the QSP and their long-term forecast, we don’t see their prediction as a profitable short-term investment.



This is one of the famous and renowned websites known for predicting the future price of the forex market, stock, cryptocurrency, and real estate. In their Quantstamp price prediction for 2021, they made it clear that it will be a bad 1-year investment.

The website is a little less optimistic about future investment in the token. They estimate that QSP price will fall to $0.03 by the end of the year and rise to $0.06 in 5 years. We think that their long-term forecast is also bearish and should be not be seen as both short and long-term profitable investments.


The experts on Digitalcoinprice have made their Quantstamp price prediction for 2021. Based on their forecast, QSP will be a profitable long-term investment (3 years and above) but not a short-term investment. The platform estimates the QSP price to be $0.06 by the end of the year.

When we compare this prediction with the token’s price history, we believe that this is also best fitted as a long-term investment and not a profitable short-term investment.

Also, when we look further into the graphical representation of their forecast, it means that the QSP is going to have a bullish trend in the next few years. Most YouTubers used this website in their QSP forecasts for 2021; you can take it seriously.



QSP prediction for 2021 by Cryptocurrencypriceprediction is bullish. The platform sees the QSP price reaching $0.1 by the end of the year. In there 10 years projection, they also believe the value of the coin will increase to $1.49. This means that the analysts in this platform see the Quantstamp as a profitable long- and short-term investment.

One of the significant advantages of this website is its detailed analysis of a cryptocurrency before making its future forecast. So, there is also valuable information you can get from their platform regarding the QSP.

Experts at don’t see a future in Quantstamp. According to them, the QSP price will crash in the long run. As the year goes by, they see the digital coin’s value falling as low as $0.001.

However, considering the forecast’s timestamp, we expect that the platform will update there forecast in the future. If you wish to see how they arrived at their estimation, you can visit the website.


Cryptoground sees a much brighter future for Quantstamp. According to them, while QSP price may decline further short term, in the run long (5 years), it will hover around $0.06.

There short-term 1-year prediction for QSP is $0.03, which is a bearish price trend. The platforms also represented their forecast graphically, which also shows a bullish trend. This website’s QSP price prediction for 2021 is bearish in the short term but likely to be slightly bullish in the long run. For now, we don’t see it as a profitable long-term investment.


This is another popular cryptocurrency platform that predicts the future value of digital currencies. The has made its Quantstamp price prediction for 2021.

From their future price projection, they see the QSP price reaching $0.11 by the end of the year. Also, in their 5 years forecast, they predict it would reach $1.33. In summary, this platform sees QSP as a profitable short- and long-term investment.

The platform-based its prediction on the various data collected from multiple websites. Coinswitch also wrote a detailed review about the Quantstamp cryptocurrency in their platform.


Coinarbitragebot QSP forecast is also bullish for the year. The platform thinks that Quantstamp’s price could be $0.11 by the end of 2021. In the next 5 years, the highest price it could reach is $0.8, while the lowest is $0.03.

The website did not give any investment advice regarding the coin in the year. The website based its forecast on the historical price data. Considering the QSP value at the beginning of the year, we think this prediction is best suited for a profitable short-term investment.

From the estimations so far, we can deduce that majority sees the value of the coin stabilizing between $0.04 to $0.1 in the future.

But we cannot judge with that alone; we will also like to compare these predictions with the individual opinions from YouTube and Twitter. In this way, you could learn more. Let us look at the QSP price prediction for 2021 by YouTubers and Twitter users.

Youtubers and Their Quantstamp Price Predictions for 2021

Ayman Mufleh

This is yet another YouTuber that has done a detailed review and price projection for QSP for the year. In a video review that has been watched more than 1000 times, the YouTuber sees Quantstamp price at $0.08 by the end of 2021.

The YouTube channel based its Quantstamp price prediction for 2021 on the Digitalcoinprice platform. Although the video thinks QSP is a profitable investment, but the price of QSP in the first 3 months of the year shows that it might not be so.


The BlockchainPlanet Youtube channel sees the QSP as undervalued. The user went ahead to explain the concept of the Quantstamp and believes that the digital coins price could reach $1 in the future.

However, the user said that it is his opinion and not investment advice. The user is bullish on the coin in the future.

These are the predictions we could look into, but we will update this in the future with more predictions.

Quantstamp Price Forecast for 2021 from Twitter


This is one of the Twitter user that has made his QSP price prediction for 2021. The user forecasted the future price of 50 cryptocurrencies. Among the coins, QSP was the 33rd coin he made its future price estimation. “End of 2021 Crypto Price Predictions (4/5) 31) $OGN: $1.50 / 32) $BZRX: $3.42 / 33) $QSP: $0.45289 ….#altszn”

From the projection, the QSP price will be around $0.45 by the end of the year. That means Quantstamp is going to be a profitable investment in the year.


This crypto investor and swing trader made his Quantstamp price prediction for 2021. According to him, the QSP value will be $0.046 by the end of the year.

When we look at the past price of the coin in the year, this prediction is bearish. However, it can also fit into a short-term investment.


The Twitter user made his long-term QSP prediction last year. From the tweet, which was posted in August 2020. The user said that his long-term forecast for QSP is $15.

However, we don’t know whether the long term is for a year or 5 years. But the Twitter user is a famous crypto trader, which makes his prediction one look into. “My long-term prediction for $QSP is 15.00, which was posted on here since 3.28.19 DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a financial advisor. DYOR. Invest you at your own risk”

Is Quantstamp (QSP) Dead?

The short answer to this: No, Quantstamp is not dead.

There are perhaps many reasons to back this standard. However, the most important could be the continued reliance on smart contracts. Quantstamp stands out for its service of providing time-tested, quality smart contract code auditing services.

In the line of their duty, they have served the big and mighty, including Prysmatic Labs—one of Ethereum’s biggest contributors, facilitating the transfer to Ethereum 2.0–, Binance—the world’s largest exchange, MakerDAO—one of the world’s biggest DeFi protocol by TVL, and more. The list goes on.

Then, the crypto community always prioritizes security, which will always make Quantstamp a choice for most.

Quantstamp Could be a Worthwhile Investment

Quantstamp is making smart contracts more secured through its introduction of automated software testing. Although the blockchain technology is secured the smart contract used to add functionality to the Blockchain is not assured to be secure.

Humans are likely to make errors, and we know about the many smart contract vulnerabilities. These are things the QSP has come to address. The Quantstamp platform promises to automate the validation of smart contract codes, rewarding the node operators who provide the computational powers to do so and removing the issues of dangerous vulnerabilities in the smart contracts of blockchain projects.

The project’s adoption has been increasing. The team behind the project is dedicated to ensuring that the platform achieves its goals.

Most websites and individuals mentioned in this article agree that the price will either rise or stabilize in the long term. As one of the Twitter users, CryptoSI thinks that it could increase to $15 (highest forecast) in the long run. Another platform, Cryptoground, says it could fall to $0.03 (lowest forecast) within the year.

But in the long run, they all agree that the price could stabilize. What is your QSP price prediction for 2021? Drop your comment below.

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