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Is Nervos (CKB) a Good Investment?



is Nervos Good Investment

Although the massive crypto bull run seems to have lost some momentum, and the Bitcoin price has lowered, many alternative cryptocurrencies are still appreciating in value. Investors who want to keep maximizing their gains are agreeing that Nervos is a good investment to make in 2021 and that it can outperform more popular coins and tokens in the long term. But what is Nervos really, and what makes it such an attractive investment?

What Is Nervos?


The Nervos Network is an open-source, decentralized ecosystem of various distributed ledgers and blockchain protocols. The main purpose of Nervos is to disrupt the current blockchain industry, consisting mainly of disconnected ledgers, by providing technologically advanced, efficient, and accessible interoperability solutions.

Features of the Nervos Network:

Effortless Access to Any Asset on Any Blockchain

Nervos allows the users to choose any crypto in the ecosystem and the applications they are familiar with, while massively enhancing access to other blockchains and tools. In other words, the Nervos Network is a way to seamlessly connect various blockchains, cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and wallets operating on different protocols.

Universal Apps

Thanks to the power of Universal Apps, the Nervos Network is able to provide the users with the ability to easily and securely launch any type of decentralized application directly from the level of the user’s crypto wallet. Instead of manually navigating between a large number of separate dApps, you can simply collect all of them in your wallet.

Flexible Code

One of the reasons why so many experts believe that Nervos is a good investment is the fact that the Nervos Network has extreme growth potential. Any type of solution utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts can be imported into the Nervos ecosystem through a Virtual Machine (VM), allowing blockchain developers an incredibly easy way to put their dApps on Nervos.

Who Is Behind the Nervos Network?

The Nervos Network was created by CKLabs: an experienced team of blockchain developers intending to maximize the rate of early-stage development and adoption of Nervos and help to turn it into a vibrant ecosystem by providing resourceful and engaging

support to various projects on the Nervos Network. CKLabs has gained funding and backing from a large number of significant partners, including major investment funds such as Sequoia, Blockchain Capital, and Polychain, as well as leading exchanges like Huobi Global.

What Is CKB?


CKB USDT, 4h chart

CKB (also called CKByte) is the native, original digital currency powering the Nervos Network. The name CKB is an acronym of the words Common Knowledge Base, which is layer 1 of the Nervos Network.

The main use case of the CKB token is enabling effortless and seamless storage of any type of crypto asset on the Nervos Network. Of course, many people decide to purchase the token simply because they are convinced that CKB is a good investment, and its value will appreciate over time as the Nervos Network expands.

Nervos Price Predictions for 2021

Given the amazing technological potential and important use case fulfilled by the Nervos Network, it’s not surprising why so many blockchain enthusiasts around the world think that Nervos is a good investment. But what are some specific Nervos price forecasts made by members of the crypto community?

Will CKB Reach $0.15 by the End of the Year?

Many crypto analysts seem to believe that $0.15 is the next target for the CKB price, very realistic to be reached in 2021. This Nervos price prediction is given for example by the popular crypto investor going by the name The Cryptic Wolf:

Another blockchain enthusiast who believes that Nervos is one of the best investments in the ecosystem and that the CKB price will reach $15 by the end of the year is the Twitter user


Automated price forecast services, which are generally very objective, do not vary too much from the community predictions. For example, claims that the Nervos price will reach $10 at the end of the year, and might surpass $15 in early 2022.

Experts and Analysts Believe that CKB Is a Good Investment

Many technical analysts and other researchers are convinced that Nervos is a good investment, and the CKB price will skyrocket in the near future. For example, the popular channel CRYPTO BULL claims that the Nervos Network has a really big chance to grow by 50x in the near future, which would make the CKB price reach around $0.50.

Technical analyst going by the name 6figstocktrader believes that the CKB will break through the $0.05 resistance level in the near future, which could potentially cause a significant Nervos bullrun. If that happens, the CKB price could definitely reach $0.15 or more by the end of the year.

Although the popular researcher KIR Finance hesitates to give a precise CKB price prediction for 2021, he is absolutely sure that Nervos is a good investment and that CKB will keep appreciating in value. The reason for this is the massive technological advantage of the Nervos Network over other similar projects in the blockchain ecosystem, as well as various very strong partnerships of Nervos.

Where Can I Buy Nervos Network?

The Nervos Network token (CKB) can be purchased on many major exchanges including Binance, Huobi Global, and KuCoin. However, Nervos has not been launched on Coinbase yet.

Can Nervos Network Reach $1?

Although most experts are convinced that Nervos is an amazing project with a groundbreaking potential that will eventually reach $1, it’s very unlikely that this will happen in 2021.

Will CKB Rise?

The crypto market is highly volatile and the situation on the market can change rapidly, however, many analysts and researchers are convinced that the CKB price will continue to rise.

Is CKB a Good Investment?

When we take all factors into consideration, it definitely seems like CKB is a good investment. Not only is it a very technologically advanced project, but it is also still very undervalued, which gives it a lot of room for growth. Because of that, the Nervos price predictions for 2021 are very bullish.

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