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Is Launchpool (LPOOL) a Good Investment?



Launchpool Good Investment

Launchpool is a unique project that is still very undervalued but has a tremendous potential to grow in price massively in the upcoming months. According to many crypto experts, Launchpool is a good investment to make in 2022, and the LPOOL price predictions are looking very bullish. But what exactly is Launchpool, and what makes it so interesting?

What Is Launchpool (LPOOL)?

Launchpool is a complex IDO launchpad and crypto investing platform designed with a clear goal in mind: to massively increase the profits of blockchain investors by providing them with a secure and efficient exposure to promising projects at the very early stage of their development.

The mission of Launchpool is turning investing in blockchain projects into a much more inclusive, egalitarian, and open process. Currently, institutional investors can gain exposure to crypto startups in a very advantageous manner, setting them ahead of retail investors.

With Launchpool, that is no longer the case – thanks to investing in undervalued projects through the Launchpool staking mechanism, everyone can become a shareholder of innovative blockchain enterprises. Because of that, Launchpool is a good investment in itself, as certified by its numerous partnerships with various crypto funds such as Master Ventures, Jun Capital, GBIC, Alpha Sigma Capital, A195, Protocol Ventures, Alphabit, and FBG.


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Why Is LPOOL a Good Investment?

The Launchpool platform is powered by the LPOOL token – a multi-functional crypto-asset allowing you to effortlessly gain exposure to some of the most promising new projects in the blockchain ecosystem.

Thanks to LPOOL, becoming a stakeholder in blockchain startups is very simple. By staking your LPOOL tokens in the pools attributed to specific projects, you can become an early adopter of innovative digital assets, and you can earn tokens of the projects you decide to support.

Another reason why Launchpool is a good investment is that it is 100% compliant with all regulations, and the LPOOL token was launched in a fully fair and transparent way. Because of that, using Launchpool to gain exposure to promising crypto projects is very secure and risk-free.

Finally, there’s one more significant reason why Launchpool is a good investment. Launchpool has an unusually small fixed supply of only 10,000,000 LPOOL (10 million). The fact that the supply is not only deflationary but also very scarce means that the LPOOL price will almost certainly grow rapidly when the demand increases.

Why Are the Experts Convinced that Launchpool Is a Good Investment?

Since Launchpool is a crypto investment platform, it is as good as the projects listed on it. In other words, LPOOL is a good investment because the projects that it supports are carefully selected, and usually belong to some of the fastest-growing sub-sectors of the crypto market.

One of the main focuses of Launchpool are NFTs. By staking LPOOL tokens, blockchain enthusiasts can easily earn tokens of undervalued NFT projects such as NFT games and NFT marketplaces.

Another area of interest for Launchpool stakeholders is gaming. If you’re constantly looking for interesting new blockchain games which can erupt in popularity, Launchpool provides you with access to a large number of P2E games with NFTs that can gain a massive player base in the future.

Of course, similar platforms to Launchpool also exist in the blockchain ecosystem. But crypto experts point out many factors which give LPOOL an advantage, and truly make Launchpool stand out from the competition.

For example, The DEFI Pub channel on Youtube posted a thorough analysis of Launchpool listing its many benefits. According to The DEFI Pub, the main advantage of Launchpool is the fact that it’s a fully fair, transparent, and decentralized project enabling you to invest in undervalued projects with almost no risk.

The DEFI Pub mentions the fact that staked tokens can be withdrawn at any time with no problems, giving you full control over your assets. Because of that, The DEFI Pub considers LPOOL to be “the next big DeFi gem”.

TheCryptoCitadel is another popular Youtube channel that agrees that Launchpool is a good investment. According to TheCryptoCitadel, Launchpool is currently the best IDO launchpad on the market, and it can grow massively popular in the future. The main reason for that is the fact that the projects listed on Launchpool are of very high quality, and they have a proven track record of bringing massive profits to the investors.

Is LPOOL Token Listed on Coinbase?

Launchpool is still a highly undervalued, low market cap project, which means that LPOOL tokens are not available on Coinbase yet. It’s also very unlikely that LPOOL will be listed on Coinbase anytime soon. However, when that finally happens, the LPOOL price will definitely grow massively.

Where to Buy LPOOL Crypto?

Launchpool is currently available only on a very small number of exchanges. You can buy LPOOL tokens on KuCoin,, and Hotbit, as well as on the decentralized exchanges Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

Is LPOOL an Ethereum Token?

LPOOL is an ERC-20 (Ethereum-based) token. This means that you can buy Launchpool crypto on the Uniswap decentralized exchange, and you can store your LPOOL tokens in all of the popular cryptocurrency wallets that support Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Will Launchpool Reach $10?


LPOOL-USDT daily chart on Kucoin exhcange

Launchpool has a very small total supply, so for LPOOL to reach $10, the Launchpool price would only have to increase 5x. Since that is a very modest Launchpool prediction, it’s almost certain that Launchpool will reach $10 in the near future, but it might be worth much more!

Is LPOOL a Good Investment?

The blockchain ecosystem has expanded and evolved tremendously over the past few years, and sometimes it can be hard to find the best crypto projects to invest in. But with Launchpool, it becomes easy! By staking LPOOL tokens, blockchain enthusiasts can profit from undervalued, hidden gems in a maximally secure and transparent way. Because of that, LPOOL is a good investment to make in 2022, and it has the potential of becoming one of the most valuable digital assets on the market in the future.

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