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Kyber Network (KNC) Price Prediction for 2021



Kyber Network Price Prediction 2021

Due to the growing interest in the Kyber Network, we have decided to collect a series of KNC price predictions for 2021 from different websites, YouTube channels, and Twitter.

We hope that thanks to these forecasts you will be able to have all the necessary information to have a better vision when making your future investments.

Since the Kyber Network cryptocurrency launch, the reviews of the network have been consistently positive, citing the ease of trading and immediate transfers. The network usage has been growing rapidly from the time it was launched in 2019 to date.

Presently, the number of dApps and wallet projects turning to Kyber for liquidity is increasing rapidly. With Katalyst’s unveiling and the focus on KNC holders in the governance of the KyberDAO, we are expecting more growth within the network in the coming months. With these innovations, there is the likelihood of a price increase in the year.

In this article, we will be focusing on the opinion of popular cryptocurrency influencers and price prediction websites. While most of them are using various algorithms for their future estimation, most of the influencers are considering the present and past innovations together with historical price data in their future KNC price projection. Let’s get started.

What is Kyber Network?

The Kyber Network is an on-chain liquidity protocol that connects the token ecosystem for an instant, seamless and secure transaction. The Kyber network liquidity protocol allows for decentralized token swaps to be fused into any application.

The Ethereum based protocol aims to completely decentralize the exchange of cryptocurrencies and make exchange trustless by holding on to everything on the blockchain. Using the Kyber network, users of the network will instantly convert or exchange any cryptocurrency.

The network was developed on the core values of plastic agnostic, instant settlement (which offers compensation without risk), and ease of integration (on-chain operation fully integrated). Most of its liquidity key features include; diversity (includes many token teams and funds), interoperability (solving cross-chain issues), and scalability (developing GORMOS). In the area of security, the network is fully decentralized and doesn’t require any form of registration – it doesn’t store data or funds, which reduces risk.

What is KNC?

KNC is the governance token of the Kyber Network platform. The token is the network’s backbone because the Kyber network aims to build a world where any token can be used anywhere globally. It is the token that connects various stakeholders in the Kyber ecosystem. It works by linking liquidity providers and those in need of liquidity.

The three primary uses in the ecosystem are; a collection of transaction fees, a part of every fee collected is burned, thus keeping KNC deflationary. It aids smooth operation in the platform since entities use third-party tokens to buy the KNC, which is used to pay the network’s operations fees.

Also, the KNC token connects the Kyber network and the various exchanges, wallets, and dApps that use the liquidity network. That’s because the system rewards users with referral fees for bringing more users to the network, which increases the project adoption.


History of the Kyber Network

The Kyber network platform was launched in 2018 by Loi Luu, Victor Tran, and Yaron Velner with the headquarter in Singapore. Before founding the platform, Luu was a blockchain researcher and an advisor for various blockchain projects.

He is the founder of Oyente, the first open-source security analyzer for Ethereum smart contracts. He is presently the CEO of the platform and oversees the growth of the project.

Other co-founders like Victor Tran and Yaron Velner have accomplished great things independently. The Kyber network has over 50 employees, ranging from executive advisors, engineers, and designers. Also, the project attracted the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, who is one of the advisors.

KNC Price Forecasts for 2021

We have taken the time to look into several KNC price projections for the year and analyzed them in a way that would be easily understandable.

Let’s start with forecasts by the various cryptocurrency price prediction websites.


chart - Long-term-KNC-forecast-by-wallinvestor

Walletinvestor experts provide a comprehensive Kyber Network (KNC) forecast. The website also goes ahead to reveal whether the coin is going to be a profitable investment in the year or not.

A look into WalletInvestors shows that they foresee a bullish run in KNC in 2021. According to them, Kyber Network’s price is an excellent long-term 1-year investment. There KNC price projection for the year is $2.41.

The website forecasts are continuously updated, and they utilize technical analysis for the future price estimation of digital coins like Kyber Network.

The website also went ahead to forecast the future price (3 years) of the coin, which is also bullish.


Cryptoground applies their in-house deep learning (neural network) algorithm and the historical data of KNC. Based on those tools, the website made its KNC prediction.

Cryptoground sees the Kyber network price falling to $0.28 at the end of the year. But one fantastic thing that we noticed in this forecast is their 5 years estimations which is $30.62.

The website went ahead to represent their future price projections graphically, which shows a bullish trend. Cryptoground is bearish on KNC price in the year.


Trading Beasts

This is another fantastic website that posts its future cryptocurrency price predictions. The Tradingbeasts platform analyses the cryptocurrencies before making their future forecast.

That is, they try their best to provide an accurate future price estimation of digital coins. In the case of KNC, they forecast that it would have an average price of $2.34 by the end of the year. The website also said that its minimum and maximum price by the end of 2021 could be $1.9 and $2.93.

In summary, they are also bullish. They see the KNC price increasing by the year. However, the Trading Beasts website made it clear that its prediction is only a suggestion and should not be used as investment advice.


In a post earlier this year, the Cryptocurrencypriceprediction said that KNC price could reach $5.99 by the end of 2021.

Although they did not give any investment advice, we believe that they are optimistic that the token’s value will increase in the year. The website included a detailed overview of KNC to widen your knowledge about the cryptocurrency.

Also, they went further to estimate that KNC price will reach $66 by 2030. What we don’t know is if they update their forecasts from time to time. But you can check it out.

Digitalcoinprice is another website that sees KNC value increasing in the year. According to them, KNC’s price could reach $3.15 by the end of the year. Based on the website’s Kyber Network (KNC) price prediction for 2021, the token will be a profitable short- and long-term investment. used its in-house algorithm to estimate the future price of the digital coin. It is one of the popular websites that forecast the future price of tokens. Sometimes, most Twitter and YouTube users look to the website for their future price projections.

Also, drops monthly price estimations – that is, if you want to go into short-term investment.


The team behind this cryptocurrency website believes that we can make the various cryptocurrency price predictions by using mathematical formulas and algorithms combined with the information about technical improvements or just technical news.

In the Cryptocoinsociety’s short-term and long-term forecasts, they see the Kyber Network (KNC) price reaching $1.7 by the end of 2021.

Like they usually do, the guys behind used the historical price data and their in-house algorithm to estimate the future price of KNC.

In their Kyber Network (KNC) prediction, they said the KNC price could be $1.8 at the end of 2021. In 3 years, they estimate that the Kyber Network (KNC) could reach is $12.95, and the lowest could be $1.11.

This is yet another popular website that estimates the future price of cryptocurrencies, Forex, the stock market, and real estate. It is a major website that has been in existence for years.

This makes it one of the foremost reliable websites when it comes to future price predictions. In their KNC price estimation for the year, they said that KNC will reach $1.38 by the end of the year.


If you are looking for how they arrived at that number, you can visit their website – everything is displayed graphically.

Remember that we only post these as a guide and not as investment advice.

Youtubers and There Kyber Network (KNC) Price Predictions for 2021

On YouTube, various users have also made videos about their KNC predictions. Let’s check them out.

Trading Rocket

Trading Rocket YouTuber analyzed the KNC price during the altcoin season and made his future projections accordingly.

According to the user, the highest price the KNC could attain in the year is $15. He based his prediction on the token price during his analysis and the bullish run witnessed at the beginning of the year.

Most of the people who commented saw the forecast as excellent and clear.


Velcoin YouTuber has made its Kyber network short-term prediction. The Youtuber gave a $1.8 to $2.1 KNC price forecast for the year. The user looked into the history of the cryptocurrency and the innovations before making his price projection. Some people that commented said that the coin is going to the moon (increase in value) in the year.

HueFin News

Like others, the HueFin News YouTuber concentrated on the previous predictions and the historical price data for his own KNC price prediction. HueFin News predicts $0.95 to $1 as the future price of the coin.

This shows that it is not very bullish on KNC for 2021. Here’s the video:

Kyber Network (KNC) Price Predictions for 2021 on Twitter

Various Twitter users have revealed their KNC predictions. We will be looking into a few popular ones.


In a tweet posted in December last year, CryptomoonBoii revealed that KNC price could reach $3 by the end of the year. “Conservative price predictions for a few Coinbase coins in 2021 (in USD): $BTC- 25k / $ETH- 900 / $XRP- 1 / $LTC- 200 / $BCH- 600 / $LINK- 15 / $OMG- 8 / $KNC- 3…”

What caught our attention is the user’s other predictions. We think almost all the forecast came to pass during the altcoin season at the beginning of the year. The comments also agreed with his price estimations.


The Twitter user asked a famous crypto trader and investor, Credible Crypto, his KNC all-time price prediciton.

Credible Crypto replied that it could reach at least $10+. You can check the comments from the Tweet by clicking on it.


According to this Twitter user, the KNC price might pop up to $4 in the year. The user forecasted the future price of 18 cryptocurrencies. “Some price predictions for December / January: $BTC: $34,500 / $YFI: $100,000 / $XRP: $2.40 / $LTC: $320 / $DASH: $400 / $OXT: $1.20 / $ALGO: $1.20 / $MKR: $2,000 / $XLM: $0.80 / $OMG: $16.00 / $KNC: $4.00…”

Most of the projections have materialized, while some are yet to come to pass. One thing we noticed in the tweet is that he based most of the estimations on the coin’s historical price data.


Based on the user’s token’s understanding, the Twitter user @abeeshetty made his Kyber Network (KNC) price prediction. In the tweet, he sees the KNC token surpassing $5 in the year. Some of the comments think that his predictions are unfeasible. “This $altseason, my price prediction depending on my understanding of the token / / $AAVE $300+ / $AGI $2 / $CHZ $0.40 / $DGB $0.50 / $ETH $2000 / $FET $0.30 / $FTM $1.20 / $KNC $5…”


The Twitter user with the @itsmrwilson2u handle asked people what could be their long-term KNC price prediction. However, he went ahead to project $12 as the long-term forecast. One important thing to take is that they all estimate a future price increase.

KNC Might Be a Good Investment

The Kyber Network is setting itself to become a leading decentralized exchange with its goal of immediate, trust-less, cheaper exchange of any cryptocurrency right on the blockchain.

It is one of the reasons while the adoption and acceptance of KNC by traders and investors will likely increase in the year. You can see that from the predictions, most of the websites see a future price increase of the cryptocurrency.

Most of the individual Kyber Network (KNC) price predictions for 2021 considered the advantages of the network in their estimations. Apart from Cryptoground, which forecast $0.21 (the least forecast), others estimate a bullish trend in the year.

A YouTuber, Trading Rocket, went as far as saying that Kyber network price could reach $15 in the year (highest projection). Generally, all the websites and individuals predicted that the coin would be a profitable long-term investment (3 years and above).

In your own opinion, what is your KNC price prediction for 2021? Drop your comment below.

Crypto enthusiast since 2016, learning every day about blockchain and the different projects that appear in the crypto-ecosystem. I write about cryptocurrencies because I want to help people get to know this exciting world.

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