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Is Kasta Token a Good Investment?



Kasta Good Investment

In 2009, many were intrigued by the introduction of Bitcoin as a means of eliminating the need for intermediaries like financial institutions and governments. Some of Satoshi’s foresight also included a future where Bitcoin holders trade digital assets instantly with no transaction fees or delay.

Truthfully, few of the cryptocurrencies out there have been able to achieve this, including Bitcoin itself.

However, the Kasta network is defying the odds by creating a platform that not only hastens payments but also provides free transaction fees as well. Thanks to Kasta’s unique simple swap engine and personalized debit card, payments with cryptocurrency and cash have become simpler.

Kasta can be considered one of the newest crypto releases with its basic aims aligning with most cryptos and that is providing users with funds security, decentralized and scalability via its Kasta platform.

In this article, you’ll discover what Kasta network is, and what makes Kasta token a good investment.

What Is Kasta Network (KASTA Token)?

Kasta aims to drive the world towards global cryptocurrency adoption while establishing a crypto-based economy by making the asset a viable medium of exchange. Kasta’s network is built on the Polygon network.

It adopts a hybrid-decentralized approach to provide users with instantaneous transactions without a fee. Kasta’s platform has been simplified to the point that any class of users can utilize it. It is user-friendly to crypto newbies, investors, or merchants.

Kasta is a blockchain-based mobile payment service with an integrated P2P platform. Thanks to Kasta’s innovative payment platform, global cross-border payments have been made more convenient along with the adoption of the crypto economy. Kasta is known to promote global approval and acceptance of Bitcoin while enhancing financial services.

The Brain Behind Kasta Protocol

“Moon Carl’,’ the founder of Kasta, simplified the Kasta payment platform to make cross-border P2P payments user-friendly for users with its instantaneous transactions. The goal is to drive the world in a direction of safe, easy, and inexpensive e-payment methods to trade for goods and services. Kasta’s payment interface has been simplified so that anyone with the slightest crypto awareness can make use of it. To either store, receive, or send cryptocurrencies.

Mr. Roegind has over ten years of experience in the startup world with astounding backgrounds in finance and game technology. Some of his duties also involve counseling enterprises on proper communication with their customers.

Hans-Herko Lusmagi “a lead designer for a prominent GameTech firm” was hired as the CPO of Kasta.

Sven-Erik Appelberg on the other hand, who is not just the company’s CTO but also a co-founder, has a record of collaborating with various B2B sports companies. In summary, Kasta’s executives are a group of people with years of industry experience.


KASTA Token’s Key Features

Some of Kasta key features include:

Customized Debit Cards

Staking Kasta provides users with access to create custom debit card designs.

Shared Staking Pool

Collaborative staking with friends ensures a bigger staking pool while allowing both users to claim rewards together.

Cashback Voting

Customers staking Kasta will be able to vote for brands that offer cashback.

Easy Swap Engine

Kasta’s easy Swap engine allows users to edit currency preferences to receive payments. For instance, a user being sent BTC can choose to receive it in EUR.

Earn Passive Income With Yield

The system is also designed to stimulate the best return for the lowest risk to help users earn with stagnated crypto assets in their wallets.

Buy Now Pay Later

Part of Kasta’s plan is to offer a payment-focused solution that allows users to buy items from online stores with the policy of “buy now pay later”.

Kasta Token Backers and Strategic Partners

MV Fuel Incubates Kasta

A recent partnership with MV Fuel is bound to provide invaluable support to Kasta’s journey to success. Considering the company’s strong list of partners and industry experience, Kasta’s could enjoy a high-value network via this partnership.

Kasta has also incorporated itself in line with projects with previous incubation gains from MV FUEL. These projects were recorded to have enjoyed massive success.

Kasta Partnership With Ivan on Tech

Among the good news announced by Kasta is the tech partnership with Ivan Liljeqvist, popularly known as “Ivan on Tech”. Currently, Ivan’s Youtube channel is reported to have about 480,000 subscribers with over 25 million views in total.

The partnership between Kasta and Ivan can be described as a perfect fit in the mission of promoting cryptocurrency payment convenience worldwide.

Partnership With Moralis

Moralis functions as a development platform used to develop and deploy decentralized applications on blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, and so on. Moralis is quite beneficial and important to Kasta due to its ability to work on other chains. DApps developed on Moralis are usually cross-chain by default.

The KASTA Token

The KASTA token plays a vital role in the development and growth of the network. KASTA offers a wide range of applications and benefits within its ecosystem. Just like every cryptocurrency, crypto investors/traders can buy or sell KASTA Tokens. With the KASTA tokens, the mission of driving the world towards a global cryptocurrency adoption can become a reality.

Currently, Kasta’s price is recorded to be $0.5182 with a daily trading volume of $2,860,305 and it is ranked at #3041 on CoinMarketCap as of January 22, 2022.

The native ERC-20 KASTA tokens can be acquired on the polygon network. Inside the Kasta ecosystem, KASTA tokens have a variety of applications, which include several benefits available to users in the Kasta ecosystem. We are talking of benefits like fee reduction and staking bonuses.

The tokenomics indicates that the KASTA token has a total supply of 1.5 billion KASTA coins of which 37.5 million are earmarked for initial circulating supply.


The KASTA roadmap shows what they have already achieved and the plans they have for the future. So far, the team reached the milestones they set out in their 2021 agenda, which are launching the KASTA token, creating the Kasta ecosystem, the Kasta website, and the referral programs, among others.

The 2022 roadmap shows that the Kasta team aims to introduce the option of crypto to fiat swapping, Kasta debit cards, gamification, affiliate programs, additional licenses, as well as, several other technical and administrative updates.

Is the KASTA Token a Good Investment?

According to the Digital Coin Price forecast, the KASTA coin could turn out as a profitable investment based on their analysis. believes that the price of the KASTA token will continue to expand.

Based on current data, the Crypto Academy believes the token is showing a bullish sign given that it was recently launched this month and it has already amassed 1000 holders of the token. According to Digital Coin Price analysis, the price of the KASTA token could reach $1.11 in one year, which is almost 2 times its current price of $0.68588.

Crypto academy KASTA token price prediction 2022 indicates that the token will reach a maximum price of $10.10 by the end of December. By 2023, the KASTA crypto coin price prediction from Crypto Academy indicates that the token will reach as high as $16 at the end of the year.

According to Digital Coin Price, the KASTA token price prediction 2022 shows that the token will reach a price of $0.939. In 2023, the KASTA coin price forecast for that year is $1.12.

Going by analysis, the price prediction for the Kasta crypto token for 2022 is a maximum price of $1.35 at the end of the year. By 2023, the KASTA coin price prediction 2023 shows that the token will reach as high as $1.97.

Let’s look at the KASTA coin price prediction 2026, Crypto Academy is predicting a maximum price of $100 by the end of the year. Kasta token forecast indicates that the token will reach a price of $6.36 by 2026. Digital Coin Price is predicting a price of $1.32 for the KASTA token in 2026.

By 2030, expects the KASTA coin to be as high as $26.79. According to the Digital Coin Price, the KASTA crypto coin could reach a price of $2.93 in 2029 if the market condition is favorable.

Based on all these bullish price predictions by experts, we can say Kasta is a good investment.


It seems Kasta is focused on sending a strong signal to the crypto and financial world through its fascinating structures. It is amassing a strong following already as it tries to influence crypto trends through its audience. Kasta will be hoping to provide users with a scam-proof alternative to traditional financial payment giants like Western Union. This the Kasta network will be hoping to achieve through the security that blockchain provides.

Also, with the speed at which the blockchain network is capable of processing transactions, users won’t have to worry about waiting for days to receive money sent from friends, family, and business associates. Kasta is also looking to release some exciting upgrades and updates in 2022, which signify strong intent to start the year on a strong foot. Definitely, a token worth investing.

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