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Is RAMP a Good Investment?



Ramp Good Investment COVER

Finding an undervalued gem has the potential of granting crypto investors much bigger gains than purchasing the tokens which are the most popular at the moment. Recently, blockchain enthusiasts looking to maximize their profits are turning their attention to the RAMP token. But what is RAMP exactly, is it a good investment, and can the RAMP price really skyrocket at any time?

What is RAMP?

RAMP DeFi (RAMP) is an innovative DeFi protocol aiming to enhance the rate of the adoption of decentralized finance solutions by providing cross-chain interoperability to decentralized applications powered by different blockchain infrastructures. Primarily, the goal of RAMP is to allow the users of non-Ethereum DeFi platforms to gain access to various ETH-based DeFi dApps.

For example, RAMP empowers the users of non-ERC20 tokens (built on Solana, Tezos, Elrond or some other blockchain) to be able to stake their digital assets on Ethereum-based DeFi staking platforms. Users of RAMP can gain access to the same level of functionality as if they were using native ETH tokens – they can effortlessly do yield farming, staking, and earning rewards on the Ethereum network, without having to ever acquire any ERC20 tokens.

As new blockchain infrastructures are created every year, the necessity of allowing users of different networks to seamlessly interact with solutions built on other blockchains becomes more and more important. Because of that, RAMP DeFi is fulfilling a very significant use case, which makes many experts convinced that RAMP is a good investment.

The History of RAMP DeFi


The Ramp DeFi team

RAMP DeFi was launched in October 2020 by Lawrence Lim and Loh Zheng Rong, who both have decades of combined experience in finance and blockchain. Among other projects, they have worked for industry leaders such as JPMorgan Chase, Merkle Ventures, KPMG Corporate Finance, and CoinGecko.

Soon after the launch, the RAMP token started to slowly appreciate in value, and in January 2021 the RAMP price has finally erupted, reaching its all-time high of $1.03 on March 22nd. So far, RAMP DeFi was able to provide a return of investment (ROI) of 1803%, which is a very impressive result for a relatively new project.

RAMP Token Details

The RAMP DeFi platform is powered by the RAMP token, which is the main utility asset in the RAMP ecosystem. RAMP is an ERC-20 token, which means that all Ethereum-based crypto wallets and apps include RAMP support.

Like all quality cryptocurrencies, RAMP has a fixed supply. No more than 1,000,000,000 RAMP tokens will ever be created. Because of that, RAMP DeFi is fully immune to inflation, which strongly suggests that the RAMP price will continue to grow.

High utility, important use cases, and reasonable tokenomics are the main reason why a large number of blockchain enthusiasts are convinced that RAMP is a good investment. But what are some of the specific RAMP price forecasts made by the crypto community?

RAMP Price Predictions: Will RAMP Reach $5 or More?

While almost everyone is sure that the RAMP price will continue to grow, the exact estimates vary a lot from person to person. However, it seems like the $5 RAMP price prediction is the one that’s currently the most popular among blockchain enthusiasts around the world.

One of the people who share this forecast is the renowned Ethereum specialist and NFT collector Bloom Capital, who is convinced that the RAMP price will reach $5 by the end of the year:

A similar prediction was published by Dr. Crypto (Prakash Chand), one of the early blockchain adopters and most popular crypto investors on Twitter. However, Dr. Crypto doesn’t give a precise RAMP price prediction, and instead provides a more vague forecast, as he believes that RAMP will trade in the range from $2 to $6 at the end of 2021.

The Twitter user going by the name Cryptalk is also convinced that RAMP will be worth $5 by the end of the year. However, he insists that this is a “minimum realistic price prediction”, and that RAMP can potentially be worth much more:

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the opinion of the full-time crypto analyst MegaWhale. While most people believe that the $5 RAMP price forecast is quite bullish, MegaWhale is much more optimistic, as he predicts that RAMP will trade for $10 in 2021.

RAMP Price Forecast According to Technical Analysts

One of the experts who thoroughly analyzed the RAMP price action is the popular technical analyst going by the name CryptoFuture. While he hesitates to give a precise RAMP price forecast for the end of the year, he instead provides a detailed analysis concerning the RAMP support level, or in other words, the minimum future price of RAMP. CryptoFuture believes that the support level of RAMP will be around $1.5 soon, which can mean that RAMP will possibly reach $5 as its price maximum by the end of the year.

Good Morning DeFi is another popular channel that is very enthusiastic about the RAMP token. Just like CryptoFuture, Good Morning DeFi doesn’t mention an exact RAMP price target for 2021, but instead, he says that RAMP is very likely to appreciate at price by 5x to 10x, which would mean that RAMP price would reach $5 or more.

Can RAMP Really Reach $5 In 2021?

Many experts and analysts hesitate to give precise RAMP price forecasts because it’s very hard to predict how high a project with so much potential as RAMP DeFi can go. Out of the precise RAMP price predictions published by blockchain enthusiasts, $5 seems like the most popular RAMP price target for 2021. However, it’s worth noting that many people believe it to be a minimum prediction, as RAMP can potentially trade for much more.

Where to Buy RAMP DeFi?

RAMP can be purchased on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and PancakeSwap, as well as on some centralized exchanges like Binance and HitBTC. Since it’s a new token, it has not been listed on a large number of exchanges. For example, Coinbase has not yet listed RAMP, which is good news for the investors since the RAMP price will definitely increase after RAMP DeFi gets listed on more exchanges.

Is Ramp DeFi (RAMP) Dead?

The future of blockchain and DeFi is interoperability, a core mission of Ramp DeFi.

It is why analysts are confident RAMP is Not dead. Accordingly, the project could even be the hallmark of DeFi, facilitating the fluid movement of funds and providing opportunities for DeFi investors.

Thus far, Ramp DeFi allows assets to flow between the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon. There are developments to connect to Polkadot, Solana, and other chains in the future. The more the interconnection, the higher the value transfer to RAMP—ensuring its continuous survival.

Beyond value provision, the project is backed by a dozen venture capitalists and veteran crypto investors, including Alameda Research, Parafi Capital, IOST Ventures, and more.

Is RAMP DeFi a Good Investment In 2021?

RAMP DeFi is definitely a quality project built on strong technical fundamentals. But the most important factor for the investors is the fact that it is a relatively new token, which still has a small market cap and a lot of room for growth. Because of that, RAMP is not only a good investment, but can truly be considered one of the most undervalued hidden gems of the crypto ecosystem.

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