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Is JOE Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?



JOE crypto Good Investment

Tokens powering centralized and decentralized exchanges have been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of the past year, and this trend is likely to become even more prominent in 2022.

JOE cryptocurrency is an asset that might benefit from it greatly, as it is the governance token of a very innovative DEX and is still quite undervalued. But what is JOE exactly, and is JOE a good investment to make in 2022, just like the experts claim?

What Is JOE Cryptocurrency?

JOE is a token powering the popular Trader Joe decentralized exchange. Many blockchain enthusiasts think that JOE is a good investment because it’s a multi-functional, high-utility token, which serves numerous various purposes on the Trader Joe platform.

Trader Joe is the first decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain. It’s worth noting that AVAX was one of the fastest-growing crypto assets of 2021, and is currently the 12th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Since the popularity of AVAX keeps growing, the future of the Trader Joe decentralized exchange looks very promising. It’s very likely that it will soon become a serious competitor to DEXs like Uniswap and PancakeSwap, built on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains respectively.

Trader Joe was founded in June 2021, which makes it one of the newest decentralized exchanges in the crypto ecosystem. However, even in such a short time, Trader Joe managed to achieve considerable success, and the platform has already accumulated over $4 billion in assets.

However, the most interesting feature of the Trader Joe DEX and the reason why blockchain analysts think that JOE is a good investment is that it’s not just another decentralized exchange – it’s a multi-functional, powerful DeFi platform built on the Avalanche blockchain.


Homepage of the Trader Joe DEX

Why Is JOE a Good Investment?

Most DEXs on the market focus on providing only traditional spot trading functionality – in other words, they mostly allow buying and selling digital currencies. Trader Joe is different: aside from the basic usability of a typical decentralized exchange, it also provides blockchain enthusiasts with the ability to trade crypto with leverage and to benefit from advanced DeFi features.

Trader Joe is definitely one of the most DeFi-oriented crypto marketplaces in the blockchain ecosystem. The mission of Trader Joe is to allow people to use various DeFi features in a single, powerful platform – this includes functions such as swapping, staking, yield farming, borrowing, lending, and leveraged trading.

In other words, JOE is a good investment because it can provide you with a variety of different passive income opportunities. You can stake tokens in liquidity pools on Trader Joe to earn more JOE tokens, or you can lend JOE on the Banker Joe decentralized lending platform to gain interest.

Another reason why JOE is a good investment is that it is currently one of the most undervalued DEX-related tokens on the market. The JOE price is now over 50% down from it’s all-time high achieved on November 21st, 2021, which means that JOE tokens can be purchased at a very attractive price.

JOE Price Predictions for 2022, 2023, 2024, and Beyond


JOE token chart

Like most crypto assets backed by centralized and decentralized exchanges, JOE is a good investment according to the majority of blockchain experts. Most of the JOE price forecasts are very bullish, and the crypto community agrees that the JOE price will continue to grow in the foreseeable future.

According to WalletInvestor, JOE is a good long-term investment due to its strong technologic fundamentals. The short-term JOE price predictions published by WalletInvestor might not be that impressive, but in the long-term, JOE might reach even $12, which would make it a massively profitable token.

When it comes to JOE price forecasts for the next few months, Coinskid predicts that JOE will continue to grow in value. According to this popular price prediction website, JOE will reach $4 in the first half of 2022.

By far the most bullish JOE price predictions were published by CoinDataFlow. This price forecast service claims that JOE is a very good investment and that the price of JOE will reach $10 or even $12 in 2023. But the long-term JOE price forecasts posted are even more optimistic – CoinDataFlow predicts that the JOE token will reach $100 or more in the next few years!

Crypto analysts on Youtube also think that JOE is a good investment. Most JOE price predictions posted by blockchain experts seem to agree that JOE will reach $10 in the near future. According to the Crypto Goals channel, JOE will reach $10 within the next two months!

However, some Youtube crypto experts who focus on long-term JOE price predictions are much more bullish. For example, the popular blockchain analyst Crypto Felix believes that the JOE token price will grow by 10x soon, which means that JOE will be worth $24 or more.

Will the JOE Token Reach $10?

JOE will almost certainly reach $10 in the foreseeable future, as many experts consider that to be a very realistic JOE price prediction. To reach $10, JOE would have to increase in price by only 5x, which means that JOE might surpass $10 very soon!

Where to Buy JOE Crypto?

Although JOE is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency, it is still not available on most exchanges. Aside from Trader Joe, you can buy JOE tokens on exchanges such as, MEXC, Pangolin, BKEX, AEX, and ZT. The fact that JOE crypto has not been listed on Binance and Coinbase yet is great news for the investors – when JOE is listed on major exchanges, the price will definitely skyrocket, which means that JOE is now very undervalued!

Do You Need AVAX to Buy JOE?

The Trade Joe decentralized exchange is built on the Avalanche blockchain, but you don’t have to be an AVAX holder to buy JOE tokens. You can purchase JOE crypto for popular cryptocurrencies like ETH or USDT.

Is JOE a Good Investment?

JOE is a high-quality cryptocurrency with very strong technologic fundamentals. It is built on one of the most rapidly growing blockchains in the ecosystem, powers an innovative DEX that’s quickly gaining popularity, and includes many different DeFi features. All these factors contribute to the fact that JOE is a good investment, and that the price of the JOE token will almost certainly keep growing in the foreseeable future.

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