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Is ESBC a Good Investment?



ESBC Good Investment

Blockchain technology could lead the betting industry into a whole new universe of autonomous and self-regulated operations. As an emergent technology, the industry won’t be left in the hands of the few large betting organizations. Thanks to decentralization, we are hoping for a secure, trustless, break-proof, and immutable betting system. The need to disrupt betting operations through today’s emergent technologies rose from challenges of barriers to entry for small gambling enterprises.

Such barriers include a barrel of KYC requirements, endless waiting times, and the cumbersome process of depositing and withdrawing rewards in fiat through banks. Unlike a centralized betting platform, decentralized betting systems built on the blockchain will eliminate the need for identity verification; there won’t be any kind of KYC requirement and the transaction time will be short due to the speed of the blockchain.

Thereby opening a limitless world for sports traders, betting, gambling, and online casinos. In this article, we take a look at ESBC betting platforms and their attempt to disrupt online betting.

With the rise of gambling, video games, NFTs, and blockchain gaming, the area of e-sports is going to undergo rapid growth in the next few years. While betting is a good source of passive income, games and casinos are inherently a fun way to pass time.

And what else would be better if you’d still earn from your hobby. Features that will seemingly disrupt the industry include quality affiliate systems, quality user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) as well as a large supportive community of users.

The ESBC cryptocurrency allows users to place multiple anonymous bets through a decentralized platform. The advantage of using crypto in gaming is allowing for speed, elimination of third parties, and the implementation of smart contracts when processing bets. The betting industry faces a big deal of the innovator’s dilemma, where the big fish firms are not willing to adopt new technology.

There is an inherent lack of transparency, hence the need for a publicly distributed ledger upon which users can access information. The ESBC crypto is the main incentive of the ESBC blockchain. The platform brings the following advantages to the betting industry:

  • Privacy and anonymity
  • Increased speed
  • Highly decentralized
  • Low commission and fees due to the absence of third parties


What is the ESBC?

All projects in tech and the blockchain require a solid source code for them to remain functional. The ESBC team built its blockchain and the token on top of the XDNA source code; a framework built through the DASH masternode – PIVX.

Blockchain duration is 2 minutes, with the average transactions demanding no confirmations. Thereby making betting instant and quick. Also, note that the platform does not seek any identity verification during registration.

Another advantage is the ESBC blockchain does not store any user data, hence eliminating the fear of such data being sold to third parties.

Important Features of the ESBC Platform

A dedicated betting platform – ESBC is a dedicated betting decentralized platform that provides high gains and the best odds. Both deposits and withdrawals are swift due to a short block duration when confirming transactions. You will also not give in any information during registration, which ensures full anonymity.  Finally, ESBC has in place a very rewarding affiliate program and usually conducts frequent betting events as a way of reinforcing its marketing strategy.

MN Statistics – MN Statistics is the dedicated data feed for the ESBC betting platform. The feature offers users a plethora of feedback on their inquiries and platform usage. Also, users can access a free listing of premium accounts for any blockchain developers using the platform.

A betting exchange – The ESBC betting exchange is a betting hub for players who want to gamble on sporting events. Players usually suggest a given event and stake an amount of money for their choice of the result. Users can also sell their bets, which makes them act as bookmakers.  Individuals with free commissions and margins will also benefit from the available services on the platform. A user has no maximum limit for using the betting exchange because it creates its stake coefficients using its in-house model.

The ESBC Tokenomics

There are four basic master nodes when it comes to categorizing rewards on the ESBC platform. These include the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum memberships. The reward difference does not go above 4%. The tires also define the platform’s deposit system, which is a catalyst for low cost and quick transactions. Similar to Bitcoin’s 4-year halving, ESBC halves its block reward every 6-months. By the end of this year, ESBC blockchain will have released an estimated 25,481,245 coins. The exchange also allows developers to list their betting coins by paying a commission to ESBC.

ESBC price analysis

ESBC is currency trading at $0.035911. The market capitalization of the coin has not been stable since its inception in 2019; thereby resulting in a head and shoulder pattern. The coin currently ranks at position #1673 by total market value and has 30,844,116 coins in circulation. The maximum supply that can ever be in circulation is 30,000,000 ESBC tokens.

Price Predictions for ESBC Coin by Youtube Influencers

Popular Youtube crypto analyst Crypto Tuber said the ESBC token still has utility and urged people to purchase the coin at its most recent reasonable price. Besides, the project is run by a dedicated full-time chief executive, who oversees a community of at least  6,000 members.


How and where can you buy ESBC tokens?

You can find the ESBC cryptocurrencies on any of the following exchanges, Graviex and Birake Network. The majority of the major exchanges have not already listed the token.

How to avoid scammers on the ESBC betting platform?

The ESBC is a legitimate platform and has already advised users to be wary of unauthorized persons pretending to be ESBC admins. Just in case you receive any private DMs posing as ESBC’s support team, remember to block them and share their contacts with the real support team. Also avoid giving out your private key, wallet keyphrase, or seed phrase.

Has Coinbase or Binance listed ESBC cryptocurrency?

No. The token is either listed on Binance or Coinbase. However, plans are still underway as blockchain betting gains mainstream adoption.

Could ESBC attain a value of $1?

ESBC token is yet to achieve the $1 mark. The all-time high for the betting token stands at $0.07977.

What are the benefits of using ESBC?

The ESBC platform has found the most innovative way of bringing convenience to the betting industry. The blockchain’s actual use case is in betting and gambling. Additionally, the platform contains a data feed for providing users with real-time information. Plus there is an ESBC exchange where users can list their betting coin of choice if they chose to.

So, Is ESBC a Buy Now?

ESBC is built for scalability, speed, and reliability when it comes to placing quick and rewarding esports bets. Blockchain gaming is already gaining widespread adoption, and with this comes the possibility of growth and a price increase.

We believe every investment made in crypto will pay off, as long as more people adopt the token. The potential of the coin and the relevance of its blockchain to today’s betting and gambling sector make it an excellent investment for the crypto-verse.

Meanwhile, we recommend our readers also conduct thorough research before delving into any coin. All forms of investment require a sharp informed mind, and we advise you not to treat this price prediction as investment advice. But rather as a roadmap, when starting out in your cryptocurrency trading journey.

Well, is ESBC a good investment? From what we found out in our research, we can adequately rank the token among quality blockchain currencies due to its utility.

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