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Is Alien Worlds a Good Investment?



TLM Good Investment

Alien Worlds (TLM) is one of the fastest-growing NFT projects in the blockchain ecosystem. Although the Alien Worlds capitalization is still quite undervalued, the project has managed to already gain a considerable following among fans of blockchain-based games. But what exactly is the reason behind the fast growth of Alien Worlds, and is TLM a good investment to make?

What Is Alien Worlds

Cryptocurrency SymbolTLM
Market Cap$148,081,286
Circulating Supply914,030,370.25 TLM
Total Supply5,189,345,239
All Time High$7.19
All Time Low$0.0666
Official Website

Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based metaverse heavily utilizing NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), created in 2020 by a German company Dacoco GmbH, which has previously released many other successful projects. Alien Worlds is powered by a token called Trilium (TLM), which is not only an in-game currency but also an advanced utility asset with extended DeFi functionalities. Because of that, many NFT experts think that TLM is a good investment.

Like other blockchain-based games, Alien Worlds allows the players to explore a vast and colorful virtual world. However, one thing clearly distinguishes Alien Worlds from the competition: the in-game world has an extremely complex, simulated, and fully decentralized economy with many advanced DeFi features, including in-game staking.

While many similar games only feature only a very basic in-game economy, Alien Worlds is much more advanced. Because of that, the TLM price is quickly rising, and many metaverse specialists are convinced that Alien Worlds is a good investment, and might become one of the largest blockchain-based games in the future.

Why Is TLM a Good Investment?

In-game currencies of metaverse games are not always valuable on their own, but with TLM the situation is different. While TLM tokens can be used in the Alien Worlds virtual environment, they are also highly usable outside of it, which means that TLM is a good investment even if you’re not an active Alien Worlds player.

The main use case of the TLM token is serving as the main governance asset of Alien Worlds. By holding TLM tokens, you can become eligible to vote in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) which decide how the in-game environment of Alien Words will look like in the future. Of course, TLM tokens can also be used to purchase unique and valuable NFTs.

Aside from the high usability of TLM, there’s one more reason why Alien Worlds is a good investment: it’s one of the metaverse projects with the fastest growing community. Constant marketing campaigns, airdrops, and other community events mean that Alien Worlds is outpacing the competition when it comes to gaining new players. Because of that, Alien Worlds is already the second-fastest blockchain-based game, and in the future, it might even become the largest NFT project on the market.

What makes Alien Worlds a good investment

TLM Price Predictions

Given the strong technologic fundamentals of Alien Worlds, it is not surprising that most of the TLM price predictions published by blockchain investors are very optimistic. According to the members of the crypto community on Twitter, the TLM price might rise massively in the near future.

Blockchain investor Furkan believes that the Alien Worlds price will continue to grow. Furkan is convinced that $0.35 is the next short-term goal for TLM, and when that level is surpassed, the TLM price is likely to erupt.

The user going by the name Hamedg is more interested in the long-term prospects of Alien Worlds. Hamedg points to the fact that the TLM all-time high over $7.5, and claims that if Alien Worlds will enter a bull cycle again, it has the potential to trade for $50.

It’s also worth noting that Alien Worlds is already performing very well on the current market. According to the chart posted by Crypto Desi, Alien Worlds is one of the most valuable gaming tokens in the blockchain ecosystem, which definitely means that TLM is a good investment.

The popular altcoin expert Trader Fred has also listed Alien Worlds as one of the altcoins with the highest relative volume. This indicator is especially important to the investors, as it can signify a massive long-term growth potential.

Technical analysts on Youtube are also very optimistic in their TLM price predictions. According to the analysis published by the massively popular CoinsKid platform, the next short-term price goal for Alien Worlds is $1.5.

The Investfoxy Crypto channel has focused on the TLM price predictions in a longer perspective. Investfoxy Crypto believes that in the upcoming months TLM will surpass $10, which means that it is currently very undervalued and that Alien Worlds is a good investment to make before the price erupts again.

Which Exchanges Have TLM?

You can buy TLM tokens on Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. TLM is also available on other centralized exchanges such as, CoinEX, Pionex, Bibox, Hotbit and many more. Finally, you can invest in Alien Worlds on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap.

How Do I Sell My TLM Crypto?

You can always sell your TLM tokens on the same exchange you purchased them from. However, most blockchain investors are convinced that Alien Worlds is a good investment, so they plan to hold their tokens for a long time.

What Can I Do With TLM Tokens?

TLM is a highly functional utility token with many different use cases. It can be used to purchase rare and valuable NFTs and to interact with the in-game environment of Alien Worlds. It can also be staked to generate blockchain-based passive income, or used as a governance token to vote on important matters regarding the future development of Alien Worlds.

Is Alien Worlds a Good Investment?

Alien Worlds is a good investment mainly because it’s one of the most complex and advanced blockchain-based games, and it features a fully decentralized, simulated NFT economy. Because of that, the TLM token is in high demand and its price is expected to grow in the future.


Metaverse and NFT games are two of the most rapidly expanding blockchain trends. Alien Worlds not only successfully combines the two concepts, but it also does it in a way that is fun and very accessible to the users. The implementation of DeFi economy gives Alien Worlds a huge advantage over other blockchain-based games, and is the main reason why TLM is a good investment.

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