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ICON (ICX) Price Predictions for 2021



ICON Price Prediction 2021

ICON is a decentralized network of blockchain communities whose objective is to hyperconnect the world. In this article, we will see the ICON (ICX) price predictions for 2021, along with the history, investment benefits, and features that come with the token. ICX started the year at $ 0.46.

First, let’s start from the beginning, knowing about the coin, founders, and their purpose for creating this project.

What is ICON?

Cryptocurrency SybmolICX
Market Cap$518,901,526.68
Circulating Supply641,023,083.28 ICX
Total Supply800,460,000 ICX
All Time High$12.64
All Time Low$0.1069
Official Website

ICON is a project established in 2017 and formed by an organization called ICON foundation – which headquarters in South Korea. The project aims to enable the interaction of multiple independent blockchains on its platform.

Alongside these networks, financial institutions such as Banks, Businesses, and Hospitals among others, can exist in the Ecosystem, connected through a decentralized Exchange. This is possible through a network of nodes known as a community-, found inside the ICON platform.

A community functions by following a single governance system while nodes are computers that connect to a cryptocurrency network.

The project goal was to provide a medium where entities-financial, security, and healthcare- from various industries, can transact and interrelate on a single network. And for the future becomes interchain that links various BTP (Blockchain Transmission Protocols) technology blockchains.

The network uses Loopchain, a patented blockchain engine with the capability of conducting instant multiple transactions. ICON uses a native token named ICX.

What Is ICX?

ICX is the native cryptocurrency token used on the ICON platform. The Coin debuted in September 2017 through an ICO (initial coin offering) which raised $43 million. It serves as an intermediary in the ICON network during exchange or transactions.


History of ICON

ICON came into existence in 2017 but established its Blockchain in 2018. The team sold 50% of ICON total supply during ICO, and users who took part in the token ICO the previous year received their share of ICX in 2018.

In 2019, the ICON team released the token standard IRC16, intending to provide a simplified process in the creating of tokenized assets and securities. The IRC16 token comes with four functions, they include token control by operator, Partition, Document Transfer, and Check for Token Transfer.

Also, the coin network which allows the native token to perform smart contracts uses DPoC (Delegated Proof – of- Contribution).

ICON Price Forecast for 2021

Now you have seen the history behind ICON, let us see ICON (ICX) price predictions for 2021. But note, these forecasts are not investment advice, sometimes it’s just people’s opinions and thoughts.

The predictions are values derived from technical analysis, historical price charts, and daily trading charts.

We will start with ICX price forecasts from cryptocurrency prediction websites, let’s see what some popular ones have to say.


Tradingbeasts is a prediction website that uses historical data alongside technical analysis of polynomial and linear regression to perform their predictions. They aim to provide likely values, capable of giving investors insights into the token they are investing on.

Tradingbeasts’s ICON (ICX) price forecast for 2021 shows a positive and upward trend from 2021 beginning to the end. A steady but gradual growth shows on the price graph of the ICX market trend.

The predicted value was $2.9 as the maximum price and $1.9 as the minimum. But for the long-term, they expect the price to reach $3.1 and $2.1 as the maximum and minimum price, respectively. Not stopping there, they proclaimed ICON as a good investment with facts recorded from their forecast.



Walletinvestors is among the popular and best cryptocurrency prediction websites available that use technical analysis to perform their forecast on different tokens.

The website is popular because its predictions do not seem far-fetched, and to prove their point, price charts and graphs for easy understanding are available on the site. They proved values that consider market resistance, recent news, and factors that are vital to either the rise or drop of the coin.

For ICON (ICX), the Walletinvestors team predicted the coin to reach $2.4 in five years, and for 2021, $3.1 as the maximum price while $1.9 and $0.8 as an average and minimum price, respectively. From these data, you can see that ICON’s worth has the potential to keep on increasing, which makes a good token to add to your investment portfolio.

Also, ICON’s recent partnerships with giant tech companies like Samsung have boosted the popularity of the token. And with the number of exchange platforms trading in this coin, more people will want to trade with it.


Cryptogeek is another prediction website that is popular for its updated price predictions and daily trading updates. Among the list of tokens they performed predictions on, ICON was among the few Altcoins with predictions.

Speaking of the increase seen in the price value, they explain how new partnerships and market factors have contributed to the gradual rise of ICX. Apart from these, the Cryptogeek website explains how the ICON organization which is based in Korea is using this coin to improve the country’s cryptocurrency industry.

Regarding the coin’s future growth, the Cryptogeek experts expect ICON (ICX) to increase from Q2 of 2021 till the end of the year. They think the token can exceed $ 1 in 2021.


This website is one of the few cryptocurrency prediction platforms that do not use technical analysis to perform its crypto price predictions. Experts at Captainaltcoin make use of fundamental facts along with their analysts’ opinions on what the future price may be.

To compare their forecasts value, they make use of market predictions from renowned cryptocurrency prediction websites that use algos. Regarding ICON (ICX), the guys at Captainaltcoin tie its price increase to how well Bitcoin will perform in the market in 2021.

Price analysts at Captainaltcoin explain the process involved in the rise of altcoin prices, explaining further they said as far as Bitcoin performs well and continue its bullish trend, altcoins like ICON will be among the top gainers to enjoy profits.

For the price forecast of ICON (ICX) for 2021, they did not state a price value but consider it an excellent investment for investors.


This is another cryptocurrency prediction website that uses historical data to conduct its predictions. On Digitalcoinprice, predictions for both long and short-term are accessible.

Also, the guys behind Digitalcoinprice provide price values for all the months of the year. For the ICON (ICX) price forecast of 2021, they predicted that the token price will be $2.72 by the end of the year. And for the long-term, the  Digitalcoinprice team sees ICX exceeding its highest price to reach $9.02 in 6-8 years.

They think ICX will be a profitable investment in 2021 and support the statement with their tables and graphs.



Coinswitch provides both updated news and predictions on various cryptocurrency tokens. Their price predictions are data compared and collected from different prediction websites.

Coinswitch refers to ICON (ICX) as a coin with the potential of becoming a major cryptocurrency and can generate high return investment for investors in 5-8 years. $9,912 is the predicted value they predicted for ICON in 2021.


This cryptocurrency website’s ICON forecast for 2021 shows the coin to be on a bullish trend.

The provided values for 2021 were from $3- $5, a very optimistic price range for ICON (ICX). Cryptocurrencypriceprediction’s prediction differs from the others who kept the values below the $2 mark.

Although the prices were positive, the website also commented on different factors which may catapult ICX to reach a value more than it recorded high or drop it down to an all-time value low.


This website uses historical data to perform predictions on various cryptocurrency token. Using these data, Coinarbitragebot predicted ICON may reach a price range of $2 -$3 before 2021 ending.

They also expect the token to sell at $17 in 3 -5 years depending on market fluctuations and its resistance levels. Using technical analysis and price charts, CoinARBITRAGEBOT provides detailed data for easy understanding.

Regarding if ICON will be a good investment, Cryptocurrencypriceprediction’s forecast for both 2021 and beyond points to good investment returns in both long and short-term investments.

Youtubers and their ICON (ICX) Price Predictions for 2021

As more analyst and prediction websites talk about the potentials and possibilities of ICON, some cryptocurrency video creators also created videos, explaining with words and diagram their price forecast for 2021.

Crypto Gains

In this video, the Youtuber Crypto Gains gave his prediction on the ICON (ICX) for 2021. Using price charts and real-life logic, he gave an estimate on what he believed to be the future ICX price by comparing the total supply to other tokens having equal or lesser total supply.

In doing this, Crypto Gains could predict that ICON (ICX) has the potential of exceeding the $20 benchmark if it continues in its steady trend. And also during the comparison with big cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, the Crypto Gains deduces an estimated value of $151 as ICON (ICX) future worth.

Dirk Crypto Diggy

In this video, Dirk Crypto Diggy talks about the ICON’s potential of reaching $50. Answering this question, he provided facts that show ICON having the possibility of reaching or exceeding that range.

Dirk Crypto Diggy confirmed it to be a good long-term investment, stating facts of the different partnerships and development is undergoing. And also, ICON’s position as the top currency in Korea- a technology-driven country makes ICX a token to watch out for.

Crypto Currency News Guy

This Youtuber talks about the possibility of ICON (ICX) reaching a $50 mark. In the video, a step to step tutorial on how to predict what the future price of ICX will be is shown.

Crypto Currency News Guy also ties the price increase of ICON (ICX) to Bitcoin seeing as it is the flagbearer of cryptocurrency; the determiner of how the money will flow to other tokens.

Regarding the ICON (ICX) price forecast for 2021, he sees the coin reaching $9 by the end of the year and even exceeding it.

ICON (ICX) Price Forecast For 2021 From Twitter

Twitter is another source of information where experts and influencers leave their price estimates for different projects. Below we will show the tweets of some users about ICON’s price prediction for 2021.


Honeybadger is Twitter User who tweeted in response to the question about ICON predictions. ‘#ICON (ICX) Price by year-end prediction: 2020: $10, 2021: $25, 2022: $120’ the user commented.


Reyan Billionaire, another cryptocurrency enthusiast, and Twitter user tweeted about ICON (ICX) prediction for 2021. Reyan tweeted, ‘’price prediction for December 2021: Bitcoin $6500, Ethereum $6000, Ripple $10, ICON $35 WRX $3 let’s see how this ages…’’ These predictions are likely to occur since the figures provided are within Logic.


The Coin Detective is a Twitter user who gives updated cryptocurrency news and signals has this to say about ICON. ‘’Icon ICX price prediction $12 2020 $50-100 2021 $ICX’’.


Crypto Tony is a twitter user who is a cryptocurrency trader and also offer advice trading tips commented on ICON, The user tweeted ‘’Bull run peak predictions :$Bitcoin $100,000 – $200,000, $Ethereum $10,000 -$20,000, $Litecoin $5000 -$10,000, $Zilliqa $2-$5, $Cardano $5- $10, $Dot $350-$550, $Xrp $5 – $10 (SEC decision permitted), $Rsr $0.50 -$0.75, #Icon $18 – $25’’.

For ICON (ICX), the predicted value range was more than its all-time high and shows that the coin is a good investment choice.


CryptoFreddyDead, an investor and crypto enthusiast, who calls himself on his profile, Thought Leader-Investor-World Travelertweeted, tweeted: ‘’cryptocurrency prediction all-time high 4th quarter 2021 to 1st quarter 2022. Total Cryptocurrency market capitalization $10 trillion – $12 trillion, Holochain $1.50, ICON $100…….’’.

Icon (ICX) Price Predictions 2021 – 2025

YearPredicted ForecastHigh Forecast

Is ICON (ICX) Dead?

Reading from developments—like their preparation for ICON 2.0 mainnet launch, ICON is not dead.

If anything, the project is one of the most active, sticking to their original vision-mission statement of creating a hyperconnected world.

The ICON project, overly, will always live to be an aggregator multi-chain chain, bringing on-board many partners—including other blockchains, DeFi, and NFT protocols, linked together with their BTP Technology.
In a world that’s moving away from isolation to interconnectedness, ICON stands out as ICX reap maximum benefits.

ICON (ICX) Could Be a Good Investment in 2021

From these predictions that are in the $2 – $35 range (some are as high as $151), we can see that ICON (ICX) is, without doubt, a token with potential.

ICON (ICX) is another cryptocurrency that can pull off an amazing feat before the end of 2021. It is also important to note that the project team is making waves in both the business and development part of the token.

New partnerships and deals are being formed alongside updates with improved features and functions. And some of these updates come with features that can influence the future price of ICON (ICX), making it an excellent investment option.

Crypto enthusiast since 2016, learning every day about blockchain and the different projects that appear in the crypto-ecosystem. I write about cryptocurrencies because I want to help people get to know this exciting world.

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