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Ethereum Price Flimsy, but will ETH/USD overcome $4.4k?



Ethereum price prediction cryptotelegram

The Ethereum price is thus far holding out impressively.

Indeed, $4k is proving to be a fair valuation for the coin. There are some destabilizing forces across the board. Analysts are split on whether the coin is overvalued or undervalued at spot rates.

The consensus, nevertheless, remains that Ethereum has an arduous task ahead.

For instance, the implementation of the controversial EIP-1559—a massive development for ETH–, and later Eth2 could shape ETH/USD price action in the medium term.

Ethereum Gas Issues

However, at present, the question is on Gas and how attempts to bring transaction fees to reasonable levels have proven futile.

Block Gas limit increment, some DeFi protocols shifting to Layer-2, and other projects that don’t see the sense of launching in Ethereum, have only seen temporary, positive changes in Gas fees.

A few days after the block Gas limit increase to 15 million, Gas fees dropped to around $10 per transaction—still excessive levels—before spiraling to $65. Yes, $65 per transaction or, on average, over $150 to execute a simple swap in Uniswap or SushiSwap, for example.

The Vitalik and Elon Musk Intervention

This was due to the proliferation and the euphoria of meme coins—understandably after the success of DOGE.

It also validates Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk’s actions when they rugged these projects this week.

Since then, Gas fees have dropped to $31.

A lot more needs to be done.

When Gas is low, ETH prices are firm, creating momentum for further gains. The drop in Gas in the last two days partially explains the resilience of ETH/USD.

ETH/USD Would Reach $10k

Aforementioned, even at a ballpark $4k, proponents expect another leg up towards $10k.

On Twitter, AltcoinHunterPL expects a cool-off to “recharge the battery.” Even for that, the uptrend still holds, and he aims for ETH/USD to reach $10k.

Because of this “cool-off,” Ethereum prices could, after all, therefore, correct to the $3k level. However, on a more cautious look, a comprehensive close above $4.2k with increasing trading volumes may be the impetus for another wave higher, lifting ETH/USD to over $5k.

There might be some hints of weakness in the market to justify a correction. However, market makers could bid ETH/USD prices higher in the medium term.

Accordingly, one trader in Trading View, SignalProvider, thinks ETH/USD is ready for $4.4k. Short-term catalysts for this leg up will be firm fundamentals.

SignalProvider--Ethereum Price

On the other hand, Eldal says the ETH/USD picture of the weekly chart says it all. Ethereum prices, in his preview, could be headed to $5k.

Eldal--Ethereum Price

He says favorable technical candlestick arrangements and an alignment of technical indicators pointing to bulls.

In the weekly chart, ETH/USD prices are trending above crucial moving averages.

At the same time, MACD suggests strength and build-up in bullish momentum.

Except for the RSI momentum indicator, which the analyst says is over-bought, this won’t prevent ETH bulls from thrusting prices higher, potentially towards $5k.

Leaning on Caution: Support at $3.5k to $3.9k

And this may be the case because although ETH/USD price contracted this week, there is a revival in lower time frames.

In the 4HR chart, Fisher_FX notes that prices are bottoming up.

Fisher_FX--Ethereum Price

Therefore, provided ETH/USD prices trend above $3.5k and bulls push ETH above the falling wedge—in a bullish breakout pattern—the odds of buy trend continuation—like in early May 2021—remain high. In this case, odds of ETH prices closing above 2021 highs and racing to $5k would be on the cards.

On YouTube, Bitcoin Hypher thinks there is a lot of resistance for ETH/USD at spot levels. However, support levels stand at around $3.9k.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are not investment advice. Do your research.


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