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Ethereum Price Predictions for 2021



Ethereum price to 80000 usd

Crypto is many things.

Depending on where you are seated, the sphere encompasses everything that rubs the establishment the wrong way.

We first had Bitcoin. Then Vitalik and his team saw a need for improvement.

In 2015 Ethereum was launched. The Frontier it was.

Vitalik needed a world computer. Expending Bitcoin’s functionality, we now have a mature self-lubricating machine that has minted several billionaires. Some have suffered, but most are making money.

Assuming you got in when ETH was selling for cents, had the guts to hold, your ROI is pretty decent. Perhaps you are a whale now.

The ETH/USD Price Ride in Three Years Is Dizzying

If you held through the pain of 2018, you could be halfway recovering from the biting frost.

However, it is 2020.

A spectacular year. DeFi. DeFi hacks. ETH evolution and maturity. Eth2 and Layer-2 form part of the mix.

ETH/USD at over $600? Incomprehensible for folks who held through when ETH prices sunk to as low as $70! Gut-wrenching times.

Those who got in are over 6X. Traders who bought ahead of Eth2 activation early this year are up an impressive 4X.

This is how fast prices move in crypto. ETH is no exception.

We are at the tail-end of 2020. With a 412 percent gain, investors are hungry. They want more.

So, if 2021 is the anchor, what do popular Ethereum analysts think of 2021?

1. Quinten Francois Says ETH Will Average $8,000 in 2021

The Crypto analyst, through his popular YouTube Channel, is banking on Ethereum to anchor the next internet.

Ethereum is described as a world computer. Here, assets can be tokenized and enable fractional ownership and so much more.

With developers doubling down to improve its throughput and instituting other improvements, Ethereum will be the base layer for the next internet, and will easily average $8,000 in 2021.

2. ETH To $10,000 Only if It Can SCALE

Different, another YouTuber has a different idea.

Yes, ETH prices can rally, even to $10,000, he says only that the primary layer must scale.

Scalability trouble is what Ethereum faces because of security and decentralization choices. There are thousands of nodes distributed across the globe, securing the network, and ensuring each transaction posted is valid.

All of them run the same EVM, and how fast the network scales depend on how fast transactions are processed.

Because folks want more security and decentralization—the lynchpin of blockchain, they now face a cloggy network leading to high network fees.

Remember Gas fees soaring to $14? That is what Ethereum gives because choices have consequences.

Now, Ethereum solving this will be a pass to $10,000, Chico Crypto explains.

On their end, what are Ethereum developers working on? Well, we got Eth2—but we don’t know the timeline of launch, we also have Layer-2 options—like Optimistic Rollups (ORUs), Sidechains, ZK-Rollups, and even state channels.

The problem is, most are still being worked. Existing in test networks.

ORUs is catering pace, and several network-intensive DeFi dApps—blamed for the nightmarish Gas fees, are willing to adopt this solution, bundling transactions away from the main chain, forcing Gas fees lower.

Sounds like a plan!

Only developers need to walk the talk and deliver. Maybe this is what we shall have in 2021!

Time will tell.

3. Ethereum Price Will Do a 15-20X in 2021

At a ballpark of $620 at the tail-end of 2020, a 15X rally in months ahead places ETH/USD at $7,000.

That’s where Crypto Nostra, a trader, and analyst, conservatively place the Ethereum price in 2021.

Interestingly, other traders synonymously agree with him.

There are no specific reasons for his upbeat prediction. However, most traders expect prices to tear higher in the months ahead.

Before his forecast, he said he was pressing for ETH to reach $50,000.

It can sound outrageous but it reflects the confidence of the investment community.

Factoring in ongoing work, all geared towards base layer improvement, it aptly explains why most traders are doubling down, adding to their longs expecting a moonshot in 2021.

4. If “Things Go Smoothly”, ETH/USD Will It $10,000: Alex Saunders

Cycling back to YouTube and it gets more interesting. The script is the same: Cocky optimism.

This time, Alex Saunders of Altcoin Daily is confident Ethereum will reach $10k, tracking Bitcoin’s stellar performance since the coin will reach $100,000. However, there is a spoiler. This will only happen if things go smoothly.

By smoothly, they meant the entry of institutional-grade investors, continued money printing from central banks, and the legitimization of crypto as an investable subset.

Undoubtedly, Ethereum and crypto prices have been on a roll in 2020. Visa opted to use USDC which in turn is laid on Ethereum rails for enterprise adoption reasons. Basically, what Visa is trying to do is to skirt the red-tape common in banking for the efficiency of open ledgers and Ethereum.

Ethereum is the king. Developers can connect and access on-chain data, meaning they can be used to solve real-world problems at a reduced cost and with better efficiency considering the project is a community initiative.

Part of Alex’s prediction is also anchored on the increasing Ethereum’s on-chain metrics. Unique and active wallets are up, the hash rate is increasing, more issuers are dispensing stablecoins, the developer count is up, and DeFi is finding a home in Ethereum.

For all this, and coupled with external factors, the ETH/USD will easily rip through $1k and add another 10X to $10,000 in 2021.

4. $10k Aside, Ethereum Price Will Rise To $80k

BitBoy is on it, again. The Analyst is sooo BULLISH on ETH.

He made money from trading Bitcoin. Predicting Bitcoin prices to rally to over $20,000. It did, and taking nothing away from BitBoy, he aced it!

Now, he’s moving money to BTC–$600,000 worth (again), hoping to scoop up more ETH for free. Strategic, right? Yes, because he is predicting ETH prices to surge to $80,000.


He loves ETH and he’s gonna be rich from holding the second most valuable coin!

BitBoy explains that there are many more upsides for ETH in the medium term if ETH-BTC relative prices are anything to go by. For this, if ETH prices rise by just 15 percent relative to the BTC in the medium term, it could easily glide to $80,000.

This will happen in 2021, and a reason why he is ramping up more BTC to buy more ETH with the expectation of a cool-off in 2021 allowing altcoins, including ETH, to benefit from shrinking Bitcoin’s dominance.

5. Ethereum Maximalist Predicts ETH Rise to $10k

Anthony Sassano is devoted to Ethereum. He’s an avid supporter and an investor as well.

For him, Ethereum is a worthy and potent investment that can rise to $10k in the days ahead. This may be in 2021, but loading up the asset at spot rates is a “steal”.

He’s reiterated this on several occasions.

He also has a very simple HOLDING strategy at TokenSet.

Holding is key, he says:

“My strategy for this Set is very simple – all of the ETH in the Set will be held until ETH reaches a price of $10,000. Once this happens, the Set will sell all of its ETH for DAI.”

In hopes is based on Ethereum as a dynamic platform whose on-chain metrics are evidently experiencing a parabolic growth.

From the number of on-chain metrics—including addresses, hash rate, DeFi, and more, the native currency of the Ethereum platform is undervalued at spot rates and will grow to $10k.


Clearly, traders are upbeat, expecting more gains in 2021.

Their Ethereum price prediction is in four and five digits, with most banking on the platform’s growth for gains. DeFi has been the main drive in 2020, hauling the coin from sub-200 to spot rates, a more than 4X rise from Jan 2020 alone.

Whether their projections are true, only time will tell.

On the other hand, it will be wise for traders—and potential investors, to practice caution and do their research before investing.