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What Is DigitalBits (XDB) And Is It a Good Investment?



DigitalBits Good Investment

DigitalBits presents itself as a blockchain-powered infrastructure that builds a bridge facilitating the implementation of new technologies to support and enhance our daily life interactions as well as foster blockchain mass adoption. In the diverse blockchain world, blockchain forks are some of the blockchain networks that quickly gain users’ and investors’ attention.

DigitalBits blockchain, being a fork of Stellar, supports many of its original blockchain features. However, the difference is its capability of supporting an enterprise-grade blockchain as well as supporting users’ digital assets, especially brand-created cryptocurrencies.

What Is the DigitalBits Protocol (XDB Token)?

The design of DigitalBits was engineered for the facilitation of liquidity of various digital assets while integrating with existing users’ applications to promote mass-market adoption. Furthermore, DigitalBits in-built decentralized exchange is designed with multi-hop technology that creates a flexible marketplace for cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, the network reaches consensus via a construct of the Federated Byzantine consensus mechanism. As said earlier, DigitalBits as a fork of Stellar may have similar features but still differ by not making its native tokens subject to inflation, creation of a token name certification service, and an automated algorithmic token distribution.

Some of DigitalBits’ goals are to introduce and implement portability and transferability to existing and new digital assets, facilitating the seamless and almost instantaneous transfer of value. With DigitalBits, asset tokenization is made extremely easy via transaction and trading layer for the point economy.

Apart from providing loyalty and reward points-focused running cases, DigitalBits also highlights the advantages of the system, as well as listing the requirements, goals, and the framework of the ecosystem. Some of its other features include the on-boarding process of digital assets and tokenization of assets, which is an indispensable function of the DigitalBits platform.

Additionally, DigitalBits implements the novel idea of the token name certification service (TNCS) to protect the system from malicious network entities. Mostly due to malicious issuing and distribution of fake tokens/assets, whom DigitalBits is not acquainted with in any way.


The homepage of Digitalbits website

The Brain Behind DigitalBits Protocol

Al Burgio, CEO, and founder of DigitalBits network initially launched the ecosystem to enhance the way consumers and brands interact and utilize digital assets. Evidently, blockchain is capable of evolving the way consumers’ digital assets are being utilized.

Cryptocurrency and DigitalBits have grown so exponentially, that branded cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and NFTs are adopting the DigitalBits ecosystem rapidly. As the DigitalBits blockchain technology evolves, the network is expected to see more additional functions for consumer digital assets.

A new leading supported project emerged within the DigitalBits network in 2020, with its launch of the DigitalBits foundation.

DigitalBits Token’s Key Features

Lightning Fast

The processing speed of DigitalBits is capable of executing 10,000 TPS.


DigitalBits is focused on environmentally sustainable practices to create an eco-friendly blockchain network.


The DigitalBits blockchain offers the innovative functionality organizations require to interact with their customers, making it an ideal Enterprise-Grade blockchain network.

DigitalBits Token Backers and Strategic Partners

DigitalBits in Collaboration With Zytara Partners With FC Internazionale Milano

The partnership between the DigitalBits and Zytara to FC Internazionale Milano has gotten the two parties outstanding titles, namely: “Official Global Cryptocurrency” for DigitalBits and Zytara is the “Official Global Digital Banking Partner” for Inter football club.

Now Inter Milan is not the only partner that DigitalBits has been able to secure. There are many other partners in the DigitalBits ecosystem, of which some are listed below:

  • GDA Capitals;
  • AS Roma football club;
  • Nifty Labs;
  • TrustSwap;
  • Next Top Blockchain startup, etc.

The XDB Token

The XDB token was developed to promote the adoption of blockchain technology by organizations and companies at an enterprise level. The creation of the XDB coin was aimed at accomplishing these goals:

DigitalBits Protective Security Feature

Before the sending functions can be enabled on any account on the DigitalBits blockchain, it is obligated to keep and lock in at least 10 XDB to ensure authenticity. To prevent malicious and suspicious transactions, a transaction fee of 100 nibs (0.00001 XDB) is deducted for every transaction.

Tradability between unnatural tokens

XDB acts as a bridge, which supports transactions between pairs of digital assets that possess no large direct market

Providing leverage for fast and low-cost payments and remittances

The protocol developed by DigitalBits can offer excellent integration with present clients’ applications, helping them port to blockchain technology. In this manner, DigitalBits can integrate blockchain technology with applications while increasing user experiences. It also adds new assets to the crypto ecosystem.

DigitalBits price is at $0.303620 with a daily trading volume of $3,013,210 and a live market cap of $256,548,861 as of January 22, 2022. Currently, DigitalBits is ranked number 152 on CoinMarketCap. In addition, it has a circulating supply of 874,608,082 XDB coins. However, its maximum supply is not known.

DigitalBits aims to provide a unique network with transparency, an enhanced level of governance over unused tokens, future allocations, and highlights for each category of token allocation. Below is the tokenomics of the XDB token:

4% — initial token sale — (previously 10%)

At the initial sale, about 10% was originally reserved but was later adjusted to 4%. Also, the remaining 6% is now subjected to a multi-year lock-up and reserved for future utilization.

28% — Restricted — multi-year (2022–2027)

The initial plan was to reserve and lock 22% of the tokens for 2 years. However, it has been subjected to change and it’s now on a multi-year schedule commencing in 2022 for 5 years. Furthermore, 6% of unsold tokens have now been included in the restricted 22%; totaling 28% for future use.

5% — partnership development program, including node operator program

DigitalBits also plans to support client onboarding, integration with DigitalBits protocol, and other strategic initiatives with XDB tokens. These implementations aim to organically introduce XDB to existing programs and their respective user bases while supporting new programs, which have been chosen to be developed on the DigitalBits blockchain.

5% — R&D grant program

DigitalBits aims to provide support to research and development activities with its tokens. Thus, encouraging prospective partners to develop and operate products, services, or solutions that are important to the DigitalBits network.

Over the years, R&D projects have been funded with a certain allocation of capital raised. The allocation of these tokens is not available to the public nor are they part of the current circulating supply.

3% — airdrops and bounties

The purpose of Airdrops is to promote the DIgitalBits network. Thus, ensuring qualified community members are rewarded for genuinely fulfilling certain requirements. About 0.25% of this allocation can be unlocked annually. Despite this condition, the use of the token reserved for this has remained conservative.

15% — team, contractors, and advisors

In this allocation, 12.5% is for team and contractor while 2.5% is reserved for advisors. In addition, team members’ allocations are only made available on a 4-year vesting schedule.

40% — Algorithmic Pool/Charity Pool: 39.6% Algo Pool, 0.4% Charity Pool

Lastly, all tokens from this allocation are currently locked. The launch is scheduled to take place in 2022. According to speculations, this allocation pool could lead to results in earning rewards with respect to governance algorithms governing it. Its schedule will be non-linearly over more than 10 years.

Is the DigitalBits (XDB) Token a Good Investment?


Looking at the analysis done by Walletinvestor, it is estimated that a $100 investment will likely get you 321.802 XDB crypto coins as of January 24, 2022. By 2027, this $100 investment could be worth $1049.2 giving you an expected income of +949.2%. They believe that the XDB token could be a good investment choice. According to the Digital Coin Price forecast, the XDB coin could turn out as a profitable investment based on their analysis.

Tech News Leader’s forecast indicates the XDB token to reach as high as $0.67 in a year. According to Digital Coin Price analysis, the price of the DigitalBits token could reach $0.5124 in one year, which is almost double its current price of $0.3115.

2022 XDB Coin Price Prediction

Wallet Investor’s DigitalBits token price prediction 2022 indicates that the token will reach a maximum price of $1.024 by the end of December.

According to Digital Coin Price, its XDB token price prediction 2022 shows that the token will reach a price of $0.422.

Going by analysis, the price prediction for the XDB crypto token for 2022 is a maximum price of $0.52 at the end of the year.

According to the Tech News Leader’s forecast, the XDB token price prediction for 2022 shows that the token will reach a maximum price of $0.55.

2023 XDB coin price prediction

By 2023, the XDB token price prediction from Wallet Investor indicates that the token will reach as high as $1.706 at the end of the year.

Furthermore, the DigitalBits coin price forecast from Digital Coin Price is $0.4918. That is a very conservative price prediction from Digital Coin Price, which could indicate that you should tame your expectations. XDB price prediction 2023 shows that the token will reach as high as $0.76.

By 2023, Tech News Leader is indicating that the token price could reach as high as $0.79.

2026 XDB token price forecast

Looking at the XDB coin price prediction 2026, Wallet Investor is predicting a maximum price of $4.11 by December 2026. XDB token forecast indicates that the token will reach a price of $2.24 by 2026. Digital Coin Price is predicting a price of $0.594 for the DigitalBits token in 2026.

2030 DigitalBits token price prediction

By 2030, expects the DigitalBits coin to be as high as $10.73. According to the Tech News Leader, the XDB crypto coin could reach a maximum price of $10.44 if the market trend is positive. That will be a substantial gain in 2030 if that price is reached.


If the XDB token continues with a strong trend, it could end 2022 on a good note and bring investors gains on their money. The DigitalBits crypto coin looks like it can achieve that and more based on the support, backing, and partnerships it has been able to establish. Moreover, its well-laid-out roadmap and tokenomics show the team has a solid plan for its future.

According to several XDB coin price predictions that we have seen, the coin is likely to continue to set a positive trend that bodes well for a bullish cycle. The onus is on investors to be able to spot the best time to dive in and make a killing. As with all crypto, caution is the watchword as you hunt in the digital asset world.

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